■ Author: Eze Ferdinand Chijoke
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ 

■ January 18, 2017

Sometimes I wonder why the Oduduans have remained adamant towards the issue concerning succession. I wonder the type of human being they are if the God that created them made them blind and not able to calculate and think far in the same direction which we the Biafrans do. I use to wonder if it’s as result of being afraid of death or lack of courage to start the struggle. But if you look at somebody like Fumi Fani-Kayode who seems to see and calculate the way we the Biafra do then you can still find out that the wife who is from Biafra land is the reason behind it but to tell you that blood of Oduduans runs in him he is afraid to start up the struggle just like Nnamdi Kanu.

One thing I want to let the Oduduans know is that one day Biafra must go and the question is how they can cope with the Hausa/Fulani in the name of one Nigeria or do they think they can just go like that? The answer is No. this is because Hausa/Fulani will make sure they took over everything in their land. What I understand that is that Oduduans are cowards. When you take a look at the situation in the Zoo Republic, you will find that Yoruba have loose a lot as we do but being cowards have made them to remain in silent and prefer to die with it which the greatest height of stupidity in life.
If you take a look at the history of the Zoo Republic especially in the political struggle, you can see that Northerners prefer to align themselves with the Oduduans and after everything they will subject them to political slavery. Take for example, during the last election who knows that after all the things Tinubu did for Buhari that at the end Buhari can have such mindset to be in secrets battle with him? The Northerners have been taking good advantage of the Odudua when it comes to the political system. Example, the death of MKO ABIOLA in prison is the worst thing that could ever happen to any Region in the zoo Republic.

I would have been ashamed of myself if I were an Oduduan man today. Could you imagine how a well-known politician like MKO ABIOLA who won the Presidential election being conducted by their Northern brother Ibrahim Babangida was imprisoned for nothing sake only because the mentality of born to rule according to Ayodipo is sickened into their brain. The most annoying aspect of it is that when Abacha died everybody thought that MKO ABIOLA will be sworn in as the new President but unfortunately, they killed him in prison and nothing was done to show the love they have for their brother other than arresting Mustapha who later was released from the jail.
My question is, the life of Mustapha be better than that of MKO Abiola whom he killed? The answer is No. If the Oduduans don’t start their struggle for their independent now, it will be difficult for them to safeguards their land from the Northerners. One reason behind this my articles is that when they raised the Issue of restructuring the country, one Ariwan man called Yankansi said it’s the Oduduan agenda and it can't work because it’s being proposed by the westerners to cheat the Northerners because of their Gods given population. When you thoroughly look at it, critically you will find out that these so-called Northerners have perfected their plans to take over other regions because they knew that they got much population more than the other areas. That is why when you go to Northern part you will find out that despite the economic condition in this country they are still going about getting married to under-aged girls to enable them to produce more children than the other region in the country. In the same north, you will find out that in a family you can get about 60 children in one family. Their principal aim is to sponsor population in order for them to dominate others, that is why they have been ruling the zoo for years, and they will continue to rule over everybody if we don’t separate from them. Because looking at it critically these people don’t want to know if your regions vote for them or not because they have the population that can cover up your vote so, therefore, no need to beg u to vote for them. Oduduans it is time you stand up and fight for your right because when we leave this zoo you people are going to fight an endless war and one thing is sure you can’t marry or give birth the way they do because you know the worth of human life which they Northerners doesn't know what human life is all about.
Editor, Ugochinyere Onyechere. For Umuchiukwu Writers.
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