■ Author: Chimena Mary
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ 

■ January 18, 2017

It will be a great honour for me to use this opportunity and this medium to remind all Biafra citizens home and those in Diaspora about the upcoming rally in solidarity with Donald J Trump, the President-elect of the United States of America. We must admit explicitly that this is the time we all have been waiting for, while some of us are having a sleepless night all because of this very day.
Certainly, this very inauguration is a fight between darkness and light, where darkness shall be leapt off the kingdom of God. Therefore, Biafrans shouldn’t be left aside. Our support to Donald J Trump will create an unforgettable impact in the world. Think of having more than 20 million people supporting an inauguration, the first of it’s kind ever.
We enjoin all Biafrans all over the world to make way to Igweocha, the present day Port-Harcourt to honour this very great event. We kindly call on all Biafrans and lovers of freedom which are fortunes to see this day to remember our loved ones and Biafra freedom fighters who were killed by the president of this zoo country Mohammed Buhari from his very first day of assumption as the chairperson of this country on May 29/05/2015, till date, through his murderous security agencies.

If I am made to believe that our fallen heroes have died for something worth dying for, all Biafrans at home must be found on the streets of Igweocha on 20th January 2017, to prove our solidarity with our great brother outside our border. We must come out in mass to match to Igweocha port Harcourt on 20/01/2017 to show to the whole wide world that we Biafrans are in solidarity with the United states of America president-elect Mr Donald J Trump who has promise and not only has he promised but also given us his word that he will make Biafra a dream come true by assuring us that as long as God liveth he will give us our freedom which we so much desire by giving us the United states of Biafra.
Recall that Donald Trump has been the only president to assure us of our freedom publicly without any atom of anxiety or fear. We must, therefore, make him proud, as we shall be live on Facebook, Youtube and other platforms. We are calling on good meaning Biafrans and real conscious men of the world to join us, while we proclaim our good will. We are also informing the world about the security threats we have been facing in the contraption called Nigeria. Of course, we know that president Buhari is an unrepentant tyrant. We hope to see all Biafrans, and we hope and pray for safety.
Editor, Ugochinyere Onyechere, For Umuchiukwu Writers.
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