■ Author: Ugochinyere Onyechere
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■ January 31, 2017
The full report on the court proceedings: courtroom
During the demonstration, the Nigerian joint security forces attacked the peaceful gallant soldiers of Biafra, who despite all odds honoured the rally. Scores were shot dead on the spot, while uncountable sustained injuries. The Nigerian security operatives arrested not less than 62 Biafrans, who were now currently arraigned in the High Court Of Igweocha (Port-Harcourt) between 30th and 31st January 2017.

On the 30th, the court was supposed to be held but was abortive due to the unjustified absence of the chief magistrate court who was expected to preside over the case on that very day. Information has it that the chief magistrate arrived the court in the early hours of the day, but withdrawn from the court after some minutes.

The arrested inmates also came to the court early, but the chief magistrate was nowhere close to reaching. According to our legal team humbly led by our amiable Barrister Ifeanyi Ejiofor, the chief magistrate, in his opinion, left the court premises, and never bothered to return in attendance to the court scheduled. While Barrister Ejiofor was addressing the press, he assured us that someone had had; following the sudden disappearance of the chief magistrate.

Biafrans from far and near were all present, to witness the court proceedings as things unfold. They were frustrated, as they were mean to go back home without any vital information about the court. After much patience, Barrister Ejiofor left with the council team, achieving absolutely nothing. Note, that the arrested Biafrans were charged with treason, on the 23rd January by the same court of jurisdiction. Mere celebrants, being charged with a treasonable felony, while those who violently protested at Lagos on same mentioned date who nor charged with any criminal offence. This is as a result of the great efficiency of the federal government who has lobbied the court, to obey their unlawful will.

It was noted that the court ordered that each arrested Biafran must provide a counsel. At this juncture, I have finally agreed with Barrister Ifeanyi Ejiofor, when he stated that someone had been compromised. With these recent happenings in a country that claims to respect the rule of law, it’s citizens are no longer safe.

The world must be put on notice, regarding the ill human treatment faced by Biafrans who came to witness the proceedings. Our journalists are being maltreated by the prison warders. They convert to stealing our equipments and phones, without committing any offence. One warder Attah A.M seized our phone, by his unreasonable reasons that we should take permission from him before taking pictures. No doubt, he must give us preferences from the constitution, where the taking of pictures outside the courtroom becomes a crime.

These are strategies to abduct, to abstract little bribes from us. Is that what the rule of law is all about the contraption called Nigeria? Due to the absence of the magistrate, the court was forwarded to 31st, on conditions that are probable. As the case is still going on, we shall bring all notable information about the proceedings.

Editing Udeagha Obasi

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