■ Author: Chimena Mary
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ 
■  February 01, 2017
Loud and clear, we shall never abate the habitual action of informing the world about the unconstitutional postponement of our court case at Igweocha by the zoo country known as Nigeria, and the illegal degrading treatment faced by Biafrans who attends the court proceedings. To the consciousness of man and humanity, if you all can agree with me you will know that this is injustice of the highest order. But why us the Biafrans? I can vividly remember the heartbroken events that took place on that fateful day Biafrans were celebrating the victory of Donald J Trump. Biafrans weren't the only people who were rallying that day. We the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB), were jubilating because President Donald J Trump was sworn in as the 45th president of the United States of America, while some group of people, on the contrary, were also rallying against Donald Trump in the cities of Lagos. My humble reasons of stating these things down are because the Nigeria Government have not been fair to us; they kill and treat us as if we are some piece of trash why? This Government has been wicked and brutal to us, to the extent of denying us our right. Biafrans are only asking to be free from this contraption called the Zoological Republic of Nigeria, and I can ascertain that it does not call for the unconstitutional injustice against them. Analysing the current happenings in the contraption, I begin to understand that things are not done accordingly; in the sense that we were killed, while those in Lagos protesting weren't harmed neither were they shot at. This is paramount because they are Yoruba's! If only the world has the conscience, I want to believe that this is enough; we can't take this anymore because we are killed in mass and also being denied bail.
Many were unjustifiably whisked away; It’s high time we take the bulls by their horns to keep Mr Trump posted about this injustice done to us by the President of Nigeria Mr Mohammed Buhari and the illegal treatment of our people who always take it upon themselves to attend every court proceedings. Is this the way things are supposed to be done in this civilised world of ours? The world must be fast in doing whatever that is needed to be done urgently because we are suffering and dying in silent in the sense that we are not allowed to speak out; due to the extra-judicial arrested and prosecutions we are meant to face if we oppose them.
Editor Ugochinyere Onyechere, For Umuchiukwu writers.
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