**Igboland started from Edo State, Igbanke (Igbo-Akiri) to be precise, all the way to Opobo Rivers State known as Igwenga, before the destructive and deceptive White British man came with his Bible and machine gun**

The whole of Anioma Delta State are Igbo speaking people. Not only that, they are descendants of the great Chime from Arochukwu hence they are known as Umu-Chime meaning children of Chime till this morning. Ask anybody from Delta State those called Umu-Chime and they will gladly point you to Igbo speaking communities in the same Delta State.

Asaba was originally Ahaba before the same destructive British White Man changed it. Their cousins are Ahaba Imenyi Abia State till today. In some signs in Asaba you will see that the more sensible ones are changing the name back to Ahaba.

Ibibio which is Akwa Ibom State are so intertwined with Igbo that people have forgotten that the very successful Abiriba community of Abia State are actually people that reverse migrated from Akwa Ibom. Abiriba people are Ibibio by ancestry that is why they remain the only group that is matrilineal whilst the rest of Igbo people are patrilineal. Don't take my word for it, go to the beautiful Abiriba town to find out for yourself.

How about the great Annang people? Think about the revered Òkōnkō fraternity in Igboland,  predominantly in Abia State today, where do you think it came from? Òkōnkō is purely an Annang traditional cult which proves that Annang people were not only part and parcel of Biafra from the beginning but also eternally intertwined with Igbo speaking people. Some of the poorly educated politicians from Akwa Ibom and Cross River don't know this because Hausa Fulani oil dependent parasites and their Yoruba lecherous slaves won't allow them to, through Punch, Nation, Vanguard, Tribune newspapers, Channels and AIT television stations.

Now how about Efik or let us call it Cross River State. Those of you from Arochukwu and parts of Bende, where do you think you got your Ekpe fraternity from?  Yes, you are right. Ekpe is originally an Efik occult so is Ekpo or masquerade we have today. When you are dancing to the rhythm of your Ekpe cultural dance, be it during new yam festival or Christmas period,  spare a thought for the Efik people that gave it to you.

If Igbo, Anioma Delta State, Ibibio/Annang of Akwa Ibom State and Efik are not the same Biafran people, how come they share deep cultural, linguistic and social heritage?

Please tell me what is the meaning of South South again or Niger Delta if I may ask? Too many questions I know but how else can I expose the Hausa Fulani divide and conquer,  Yoruba backstabbing nature or the idiocy of those that call themselves Niger Delta and South South but refuse their real identity which is Biafra.

Truth cannot be hidden!
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