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The judiciary as the last hope of the common man to get Justice from oppression has been sold to the highest bidder. The happenings in the Nigerian Judicial System (is said to be unjustifiable system) in the ongoing court case between the Federal government of Islamic Republic of Nigeria led by Mr. Presidiot Muhammad Buhari and the Leader of the Indigenous People of BIAFRA (IPOB) and also the Director of Radio BIAFRA London, Prince NNAMDI KANU and 3 others alongside him has proven the high rate of decay, damages, corruption and degradation done to the Justice System and also the desperation of Buhari to jail Nnamdi Kanu. The judicial system has resorted to doing the biddings of their paymaster at all cost without remorse, a situation whereby the hope of the common man seeking for justice is shattered, slaughtered and lost.
The 13th day of December happenings at the Federal High Court, Abuja Nigeria can be tagged as, "THE SHAME OF A COUNTRY" in which Judge Binta Nyako is playing out the script handed to her by the chief genocide, child rapist (paedophile), Boko Haram sponsored and sympathizer, Islamist, Muhammad Buhari. Buhari has vowed never to let Nnamdi Kanu go free which resulted in him disobeying court orders on 3 occasions (disrespecting the rule of law). Buhari is accusing Nnamdi Kanu of treasonable charges for expressing his fundamental human right in canvassing or agitating for the freedom of BIAFRA from Islamic Republic of Nigeria, which is recognized by the United Nations (UN)'s Charter on Indigenous People's Right 2007 and African Union(AU) Charter, and even in the so-called Nigerian Constitution which recognizes Self-Determination. Whereas he (Buhari) committed treasonable felony against the Nigerian state by staging a coup which overthrew the then democratically elected government of late Shehu Shagari and also incited post-presidential election violence across Nigeria which led to the massacre of Igbo speaking BIAFRANS in the northern region of Nigeria for voting for a Christian candidate, a southerner, former President Goodluck Jonathan. Is there a moral justification for Buhari's actions against Nnamdi Kanu or is he doing this out of sheer jealousy or hatred for BIAFRANS?.
Welcome to the Reign of wickedness and tyranny, the Reign of the Islamic caliph which respects no laws nor Constitution but rules according to what his Quran said, thereby rendering the Constitution of Nigeria ineffective in all its ramifications and uses the instruments of security to oppress and kill BIAFRANS at will without remorse.
How can you arrest a man, accused him of treason and wants to try him in secret? This is never done anywhere in the world, not even in the civilised nations, this can only happen in the animal kingdom where monkeys and baboons live (Nigeria). This can only occur in a country ruled by a tyrant, an Islamist who obeys no laws known to man except Shariah law (Islamic law). The Indigenous People of BIAFRA and all BIAFRANS (both home and abroad) rejects the evil, malicious decisions of Judge Binta Nyako on secret trial. As our Leader, Prince NNAMDI KANU rejected it, so it has been condemned and rejected by all BIAFRANS. Biafrans are at this moment putting the entire world, world leaders, governments, and lovers of peace and freedom and friends of BIAFRA on notice (red alert), we ask you all never to let injustice prevail, we ask you all to raise up your voices against tyranny, wickedness and injustice. Like our Leader Nnamdi Kanu said, " they are killing my people, and you want me to keep quite and silent", the facts are there for all to see.The recently released Amnesty Int'l report says it all. As you are reading this article, many BIAFRANS especially our youths are targeted, killed, butchered by the Nigeria occupying army, police, Navy, secret services, Fulani armed trained janjaweed Islamic terrorists (disguised as herdsmen) or have been missing.
They are everywhere in BIAFRA lands raping our mothers, sisters, women, killing our people, forcefully kidnapping our children and forcibly converting them to Islam which is the fulfillment of the Organisation of Islamic Countries (OIC) African Branch held at Abuja, Nigeria, 1989 ( Google about Abuja Declaration 1989) in which they resolved to subdue the entire Africa for Islam. A former head of states of Nigeria, IBB gave them during the meeting 21 billion dollars which to use to fulfil their mission, that money is used to sponsor extremism, terrorism, killings of Christians, and setting up if jihadist/terrorist groups such as Boko Haram, Al Shabaab, etc. in Africa. BIAFRANS rejects all forms of occupation of our lands by the Islamic Nigeria forces, Islamization of our people and lands, arrest, detention and incarceration of our Leader, mazi Nnamdi Kanu and 3 others and every other BIAFRANS held in various secret prisons across Nigeria and also the proposed secret trial by Buhari's sister and puppet, judge Binta Nyako.
By Chibuike Nwachiukwu
Editor Ugochinyere Onyechere
For Umuchiukwu Writers.
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  1. The British experimented expired Nigeria country = Islamic jihadist daily practices of supper corruptible + born in deeply rooted deceitful hateful practices of jealous rage against Christian Biafrans + Islamic terrorist practices and genocidal killings of unarmed Biafrans + Buhari's Islamic jihadist dictatorship and lack of respect for rule of law = a wayward social ills totally confused out of control country gone astray and dead waiting to be buried!!! conflict of interest