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President Buhari and his government

November 21, 2016.

One common adage goes thus: That there is no way rain will fall and the ground will not notice. Indeed Truth can not be permanently hidden; it might undergo mutinies and covered just for a while. Because God is truth himself, and which means truth is light and light is life and life is the beauty of humanity. 

The virus seed and atrocities sowed by this current government are unimaginable and heinous to humanity. It started as business as usual because corruption has indeed become customs and nuns in Nigeria. It has gone into the marrow of Nigerian leaders to the extent that every government has its corrupt methods. Permit me to mention but few corruption slogans used by two past and then this incumbent government.

During Obasanjo's government, he introduced corrupt slogans termed "CHOP MAKE I CHOP." He drained the country treasury with this method thereby by making all his co-politicians hands on the desk of corruption. After Obasanjo, Yaradua came into power with 7 points agenda. From the little his administration offered, he was better than Obasanjo because of his real visions and corruption did not seem to worth celebrating in his administration. After the death of President Umaru Musa Yaradua, President Jonathan took over.

Jonathan took over, and another slogan came which is "SHARE THE MONEY". it systematically developed a strong urge to join politics and P.D.P ( Peoples Democratic Party) in particular. This slogan waves changed the people's orientation about politics in Nigeria. People started seeing politics as a lucrative business in Nigeria. An opportunity to amass  generational wealth from the country's treasury

This made our parents who are farmers in villages joined politics for their shares.  But in all the president emeritus administrations, one thing is sure, they did not make Nigeria a failed state. Naira has never gone full flat like this, hunger and poverty rates have never being recorded in this height before. These are always the experience whenever this government comes into power. There is no difference between 1983 regime and this current administration.

However, this current government is the most greedy and deceitful government I have ever experienced. The double standard set of people. They speak from both sides of their mouth and eat with two hands at same time. 

They came to power with no good will for the masses, rather accumulate wealth through intimidations, harassment, deceit, hypocrisy and killing of opposition ( Biafrans), kidnapping and raping the under aged Biafrans girls and using them as sex slaves by the Emirs and finally converts them to Islam by force. 

Abuse of the constitutions like justice TSOHO was thereby confirming the name zoological Republic as called by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu through their lawlessness and disobedience to Court orders. Clampdown on judges, disfranchisement of the masses,  creating anarchies and trying to Islamized everyone

One slogan is called ANTI-CORRUPTION program, and the other is a gift method which I called the BROWN ENVELOPE METHODS. 

The introduction of these two corrupt methods has raped Nigeria to zero today. It has brought total darkness to Nigerians in which salvage depends on God’s time if they are willing to allow Biafrans to go. For the blood of Biafrans killed since 1970’s till date are hunting them.  

Morally, you can’t be massacring the children of most high God and expects good things in the land. Unless sanctity and justice is restored, Nigeria will know no peace. 

The anti-corruption program is a modified indirect type of corruption method.  It is a system whereby the gullible masses are being deceived in the name of fighting corruption while the country treasuries are being looted away. 

And any opposition to their devilish act must go down either with intimidation, harassment, disgrace by EfCC and DSS. Nnamdi Kanu, Femi-Fani Kayode, Dasuki and Ekwerenmadu are all victims, Biafrans have been victims for decades and now is the time to put an end to this marginalisation.
#FreeBiafra #FreeNnamdi #SelfDetermination  is a universal right.

Edited by Udeagha Obasi
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