Not long ago in the northern part of Nigeria last year 2015 to be exact the atmosphere was politically, super charged and was ready to explode. You remember (Araba, Araba, and Changi changi)? Where are the brooms now? Where are those super clean sweepers? They have done a marvelous job cleaning the country. The installed Head is now the Master and the rest who did the chanting are the servants.

The Hausa's should bear in mind that things have not gone well with them in this so-called Nigeria. Apart from the Islamic religion that bonds them with the Fulanis, they are unwilling tools of the Fulanis. They are conquered people as well as the Ilorin's of the Yoruba land.

At the end of the day, when all is said and done you will surely come to find out that you are on your own and under the rule of the Fulanis. Why am I saying this? History does not lie it has a pattern of repeating itself. How many kinds of Muslims do you have? Already, one is being besieged. Are they Fulanis? Not of course. The starving children in the north are they Fulanis? Not of course.
Turn around and look at Somalia and Darfur, who killed who? Why? Of course, race and religion had a lot to do with it. The Biafrans have been in this situation since Nigeria was created by one crazy British. We are still paying for the amalgamation; we the Biafrans are tired of paying with our lives and God given wealth and therefore must stand firm to say enough is enough. You the Hausa's and Yorubas should understand that it is not an issue of you being a Hausa or a Yoruba we have been wronged and therefore must fend for our safety and that of our children and grandchildren.

We have lived in your midst and have been butchered and beheaded; does that mean that we hate and will not forgive you? Not of course. The reason being that you were the unwilling tools used by the Master to achieve his objective without considering your personal gain at last. The truth was hidden from you that is why Nigerian history was removed from the curriculum. You were not supposed to know the truth only the planted hate that the Biafrans are bad yet you want them stay and then go tomorrow.

Biafra and Biafrans will remember those that wished them well because I am happy that a lot of Hausa's and Yorubas are now beginning to realize what we have been saying all along. Find the black goat before it gets dark.

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