Justice Nyako (R), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu (L)

November 22, 2016

Justice delayed is equally justice denied. The present conditions and situation surrounding the court case of the leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra, mazi Nnamdi Kanu, has become alarming and must be put under control, or the dictator in charge will take us for granted. With the present situation at hand, the probability of our leader being released come December 1st is not in sight, and it's stiff necked, and the pedophile has been the engineer of all of it.

Justice Binta Nyako has been under pressure since the case of the leader of IPOB was assigned to her. She has been authorized by the chief of all dictators to withheld the release of our leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu till he Buhari decides to release him. The body language of Justice Binta seems good, but the presure from the pedophile is enough to poison her mind.

Before the court hearing on the 17th day of November 2016, it was discovered that the pedophile, through the DSS boss Daura ordered Binta Nyako to come to Aso Villa to be pressured into delivering a Buhari judgement which is to deny our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu bail. When she refused they sent plain clothed armed men to her house to intimidate her. Still she refused to open the gate, they then sent her a threatening letter to her office at the Federal High Court Abuja. IPOB intelligence intercepted the letter and read it. In the letter personally signed by Buhari, Binta Nyako was threatened and told not to grant bail to Kanu until he Buhari decides the time to set him free.

The Buharianism agenda towards our leader is nothing but a frick to disorganize IPOB. The Pedophile has commenced his workmanship on Binta just as he did to Justice John Tsoho, who fell for him, as his puppy. Justice John Tsoho was made to reverse a particular case he once ruled out, just because of some crumbs and peanuts. He was made to sell out his dignity and conscience for bills in envelopes.

Today, Binta Nyako has arrived at this heat seat, and the pedophile Muhammadu Buhari has also shown that he is not relenting nor giving up on his desperation to jail our leader without cause. The leader of the Indigenous people of Biafra mustn't spend another Christmas in that hell. The world should be aware of this satanic movement, by the Pedophile, who will always want to act as clueless as he is.

The world should understand that the present presiding judge has been experiencing harassments and humiliation, especially now that Justice Binta's husband has become a political bait in the hands of Buhari, Binta will not want Buhari to open the page of her husband. And this is in collaboration with the plan of Buhari to subjugate her into doing some illegal things that aught not to be done.

Justice Binta is bound to succumb to all the desires of Buhari, just to save her husband. And as we all know, Nigeria does not give justice without bribe. For instance, her attitude at the last court case, where She consistently harassed the counsels to the defendant during the court session. She also, accused supporters of the defendants especially IPOB who were in the court and encouraged the harassment of the respondent supporters outside the courtroom by not stopping DSS from threatening them.

She ordered for all the electronic devices (Example; Phones, Camera, etc.) of the defendants especially IPOB to be seized, as DSS manhandles those who resisted the act. They dealt with and arrested our journalists. She ordered that nobody should capture videos or images of the defendants but more focus on defendants' supporters especially IPOB.

All we asked for, is for the world media to focus more on Nigeria, because the president of Nigeria has ordered for media blackout on things concerning Biafrans. During the previous court hearing, some Biafran journalists were arrested and humiliated, simply because they wanted to take pictures of our leader. And we see Justice Binta as someone who has the heart to dispense justice, but she might be forced to do otherwise, in order to please Buhari, for the sake of her husband, who is currently with the EFCC, charged with public embezzlement.

By Emmanuel Precious - Umuchiukwu writers.
Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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