October 24, 2016.

Written by Onyekachi Ogbonnia

From my Webster Standard dictionary, judiciary system is referred as a system of law Court’s that administer justice and constitute the judiciary branch Of government.

From the above definition, from my perceptional view. Judiciary system is not just anyhow discipline neither was it made for nuisance, rogues,  greedy people, bias people, double standard people, corrupt people or people without principles.

But this is a well-organized Institute of discipline meant for personalities that are carefully nurtured and confirmed in great wisdom of reasoning, honesty, self-discipline and with required humility & boldness to administer a reputable justice without fear or favor. It is indeed a high noble profession, they are an embodiment of Justice in general.

However, it only means that men that are expected to be on the bench of this institute, are high calibre men of honours in character, speech and wisdom. Men that can easily depict  crookedness or credibility both of the government and society either to admonished or to uphold respectively. Men that can stand their grounds and say no to no and yes to yes at all times, no matter who is involved.

It equally means that in the famine of justice in any nation or society, or institutions is the last resort and must deliver justice for peace to rain and to restore the dignity of that nation from the contending anarchy. These automatically draws the conclusion as this institution being the last hope of Common man. For they have the charge to interpreted the law of the land which nobody must be above or below obedient to.

But it is unfortunate that this institution is doomed in Nigeria, due to corruption as the bedrock, tyrannies of the current government and acceptance of indiscipline and double standard beings like JUSTICE JOHN STOSHO.

With the case account of Col. Sambo Dasuki ( Ex-NSA) who has met several bails conditions including the recent one in ECOWAS COURT has been bluntly ignored. He is still being detained today by President Muhamadu Buhari through the DSS.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has been granted bails by a court of competent jurisdiction on 19th October and 17th of December 2015 respectively. But was not released till date.  In the quest to jail and kill Mazi Nnamdi KANU by the incumbent government of Nigeria, Muhamadu Buhari. Jus because he asks for the emancipation of his people which is in UN Charter 2007 which Nigeria is signatory to, Justice John Tsoho has been president BUHARI willing tools to accomplished this evil plan.

Justice John Tsoho was meant to deliver justice as his name applies. But he changed to injustice John Tsoho after being allegedly accused of collecting hundred million bribe (N100,000,000,) from his master President Buhari to jail Mazi Nnamdi Kanu at all cost.

As his wise colleagues hence off from the case having see the danger of travesty of justice ahead. But injustice John Tsoho out of greed, undisciplined and irresponsible gross misconduct, has abused the Nigerian constitution, judiciary system and human right by prejudgement plans to jail Nnamdi Kanu. This is a travesty of Justice

On 19th of February 2016, Justice John Tsoho overruled the masking witness against Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. On March 7th,2016 Justice John Tsoho ruled against his pronouncements on February 19th, when he refused to mask witness or barring members of the public from the trial. He equally ordered the use of non public routes and restrooms by the witness. Now making himself a confused , bias and double standard judge.

The travesty of justice played out by this corrupt judge called justice John Tsoho for some months now, brought a  heavy disarray & dilemma in the judiciary system and great anarchy in Nigeria at large. It made incumbent power holders in the government brought in a modified system of corruption which is based on deceiving the masses with anti-corruption programs thereby looting the country dry. And intimidating, harassing and killing of the oppositions to their new corruption invention.

The action of injustices John Tsoho has consolidated his master President Muhanmadu Buhari's tyrannies. He has made King Buhari believed that he is above the law that gave the platform for his presidency. Therefore that he is the law himself whatever he says is the final and nobody, there questions him.

The irresponsible acts of injustice John Tsoho have equally victimised the men of good honour in the judiciary. People like Justice Adeniyi Ademola etc. Has become corrupt judges while the actual dog that ate the sheath is now holy.

Clampdown, kidnapping & intimidation of respectable judges are the trending issues now because they refused to accept and trade on the path of the tyrant. Judiciary system is now a laughing stock because of one man irresponsibility. Justice in Nigeria is now for sale. The highest bidder of bribes gets  justice. No more hope for common people. Everyone is now a slave to this vampires in power due to rapped of constitutions  & disarray in the judiciary.

Therefore, I call on the elders and men of unshakable discipline of the National Judicial Council (NJC) to rise up now and condemn this anomalies.  Make a compulsory indefinite strike, close every law courts in Nigeria and sack this Judas  called JUSTICE JOHN TSOHO in your miss He has rapped judiciary, constitution and human right. Sanction him indefinitely, use him as an escape goat for others, for he has MURDERED JUSTICE IN NIGERIA.

For if this action is not taken urgently now, Nigeria judiciary system will have no place again in the record of this profession both locally and globally. It will rub both those studying this course and those yet to start the journey in Nigeria global recognitions.

Indeed this is an awful show of shame & ignominy as Nigerian judiciary system and the executive arms of the government have proven themselves to be grossly unlettered in both knowledge of law and its applications.

Sack INJUSTICE JOHN TSOHO NOW and restitute this dilemma in the judiciary system and teach king Buhari that nobody is above the law nor below obedient to the law. For you people have to power to stop him and his cohorts or allow him (BUHARI) to illiterately jail and kill all of you. IT MIGHT BE BITTER, BUT INDEED TRUTH IS LIGHT, LIFE, WISDOM, GOLDEN AND HAS NO SUBSTITUTE.

Edited and Published
BY Uchechi collins
For IPOB writers

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