BIAFRA: While they promise them liberty, they are the servants of corruption; for of whom a man is overcome, of the same is he brought into bondage.
Captain Gbulie by his concocted stories in one of the zoos Nigeria newspapers accepted openly that he is in the group of Banjo and Ifeajuna, their type person on Nigeria side is Benjamin Adekunle a.k.a black scorpion who sold Intel's to Biafrans. The above three men were known, but captain gbulie has now become the latest revelation from Biafraland.
He has shot himself in the foot the second time first was at OPI Nsukka one of the last towns that were captured before the fall of Enugu capital of Biafra.

Gbulie side away from telling Ndi Igbo and the whole Biafrans today how he received the gunshot wound, who shot him, Biafran soldiers or the Nigerian zoo soldiers. Is it a fatal shot or aimed shot? How come majority Chukwuma Kaduna Nzeogwu died along side order, Biafran gallant soldiers but only Gbulie survived in the same Nsukka sector? There is something Captain gbulie is yet to tell us.
The indigenous people of Biafra whom captain gbulie accused of selfishness and fomenting trouble against Islamic holy Nigeria has indeed come to re-engineer the Biafran craft, dig out historical facts and expose the likes of Gbulie in our midst.
Proves abound that Gbulie lied to the world about the role he played in scuttling the
The Republic of Biafra then.

He claimed to have spent six years in prison; and his imprisonment was a sham, stage managed to hoodwink the unsuspecting Biafrans.
General Philip Effiong spent two years how come his junior through whom he takes order got a lesser jail sentence, does it mean that general Effiong's iniquity is miles offence while Gbulie's sin against the zoo called Nigeria is more severe?Another prove that captain Gbulie lied is his admonition to IPOB saying quote: Ojukwu missed the chance of getting a higher bargain of Confederacy by that Biafra is not negotiable.
My question to Gbulie is this, did General Ojukwu made this statement before or after Aburi conference in Ghana? Historically, the Republic of Biafra was declared after Aburi accord thus rubbishing captain Gbulie's assertion concerning Ojukwu's statements according to him.

The Aburi conference took place on the 4th-5th of January 1967 being Wednesday and Thursday respectively. While the Biafran independent was proclaimed on the 30th of May,1967 being Friday.
The world can now see that Gbulie is a saboteur, outing the cat before the horse.General Ojukwu was suspicious of Gbulie throughout his lifetime; Ojukwu could not lay a hand on a compelling reason to either Court Marshall or give him the same treatment given to those who betrayed our motherland.
Prove No 3, captain Gbulie had wished that the leader of the indigenous people of Biafra Dr.Nnamdi Kanu spend six years in prison as a prove that he meant business in getting Biafra sovereign nation restored, Gbulie has again exposed himself as one of those working hard to see that Dr Kanu remains in prison indefinitely. Captain Gbulie was indirectly berating IPOB when he said show me your weapon stockpile with which to face Almighty zoo called Nigeria. Surprisingly, the director of Radio Biafra sold a dummy to the zoo who did not know the different between " I'LL DESTROY NIGERIA WITH TRUTH " and I'll wage war with Nigeria with British weapons is mass destruction.

The former has come to pass, the zoo called Nigeria is crawling on it kneels, begging Igbos Biafrans to go with their Biafra but leave their kit and kin the Biafrans in the riverine area of Biafraland behind.
Dr Kanu and indeed all hardcore Biafran achieved this remarkable foot without firing a shot, and the likes of Gbulie is not comfortable with that.
45 years after Gbulie and his master's northern Islamic government of the zoo called Nigeria has failed in their plots to wipe out Biafrans, the 77 years old man is now cap in hand begging a certificate forger, rapist and murderous jihadist Mohamadu Buhari.
Gbulie can do his worst, but I can assure him that CHUKWU OKIKE ABIAMA will bring out our director Dr Nnamdi Kanu and other innocent Biafrans in no time and Biafra sovereign nation shall be restored.
All hail Biafra.

By Benjamin Kish.
Editor Udeagha Obasi
For UmuChiukwu Writers
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