This is the reasons why Mohammad Buhari came into power in 2015 general election, and the evil agenda he is fighting to accomplish Moreover some of the agenda has been fulfilled these will be an eye opener to all Christians in Nigeria to know that mazi Nnamdi Kanu is truly a prophet and why Nigeria must let Biafra go. Just recently this sheet of paper fall out of a Muslim man handbag then I picked by a Christian are the Muslim agenda: TITLED: WE WILL WIN BY JIHAD.

In General election 2015 from Alhaji Aliyu Mohammed and shiek A. Abubakar. Says that the presidency must come from the north this year 2015, through Muhammad Buhari which is Hausa-Fulani core-north. Do not vote any Christians, because Christians are pigs and dogs.

Koran tells us to demolish their churches. Do not support their churches. Do not support the following people; the Biron, tiv, the katar, the jaba, the zuru, the sayyawa, the bachama, the jukun, the idoma, etc. who are the Christians in the north. we formed BOKO HARAM, the militant group to replace maltatsine. We have solicited funds from all prominent muslims and Islam funds to finance boko haram, (nigeria army cannot defeat us because america, Afghanistan, Saudi arabia and the entire arab world have given their support to us, this time, we will take over the presidency.

infidels (christians) cannot continue ruling us. We asked namadi sambo to resign. All islam sons and daughters whether in PDP or any political party are in support; sharia law must be put in place. Allah gave us koran to obey; I repeat no muslim should submit to all the infidels (Christians) the are pigs, and they are in Nigeria as a nation.
We do not have economic power, oil and petroleum; it is only politics we have, let us fight for it. President Goodluck Jonathan cannot win the election, if he wins, we will use force to maim and kill and wipe out away all their churches, Goodluck Jonathan is an infidel. Sheik Usman Dan fodio gave us JIHAD to rise from North to South-south and South-east to conquer, most of the Governors are with us Amaechi Rotimi, Rochas Okoro cha, orji uzor Kalu, etc. it is either Isis or some of our generals will bring a sword, ak47 to us, we must take Nigeria. We have empowered General Buhari to take over the power. Some of their bishops and pastors both in the north and south especially their pastors are going to vote for APC. We have divided plateau state,apc has taken over the plateau. All the pigs and dogs (berums) we will drive them to Niger where they came from or else, we will force them to accept Islam just as we did to the city of Antico present Turkey and their suburbs remember " no Koran no Nigeria" Nigeria is an Islamic nation since 1989. When we kill their men, and their wives become our wives, our prophet taught us in Koran that the blood shed will spread Allah's religion, and Koran is a guaranteed ticket to heaven.

Koran sura iv. 14 29, iv:84, 101, 104 prophets taught that love is not as important obedience or submission, Koran has warned you not to have anything to do with unbelievers (Christians) who are pigs. Wage war against the Jews and Christians, take their wives to be your slaves. Koran is superior to the bible. The entire Bible is corrupted and you must not read it. Our Koran contains 114 suras or chapters and 77,639 words. Christians and jews are infedels they are idolatrous, they are worst created beings, and their churches are like beerpalour and prostitute houses . Muslims are the best created human beings un sura xcviii:51 our prophet taught us that Christians and jews are idol worshippers and pigs (swines). We can use money to convert them to islam. All these institutions must stand, islamic bank, Sharia law, organisation of Muslim countries (oic), islamic universities,islamic constitution etc. we have captured borno, adamawa, yobe, gombe state we must rule our nation, it is our inheritance.

This is how we conquer other countries like borsa, we turned rev. Romanus to muslim and many of their pastors, fifty thousand christians renounced their faith in other to get employment and property in the state. We succeeded in other countries stronger than nigeria; we must succeed in nigeria until we install "emir" in jos, benue, imo,cross river, rivers , anambra , delta and other prominent cities. The pdp will fail, apc must win, we held meetings with prof. Atihuru jega secretly that this is our turn. As we conqured indonesia and North Africa, so we must use every resource.

To all our Islamic brothers and faithful Muslims. Cc: Secretary to Islamic affairs-Africa. Vice President of Nigeria distributed to all Islamic faithful Alhaji Abubakar Muhammed and his group.

UmuChiukwu Writers
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