His thoughts brought life back to Biafrans and the world in general, then why is he still being detained? Indicision cripples the strongest men, while thoughtlessness brought about the collapse of many nations. Since this prince of LIGHT was illegally arrested and detained, Nigerians have not known peace many chose to be in hell than to associate with Nigeria. From four cardinal point of the world everyone who knows the value of light stood by him.Yeshua did not leave Jerusalem, it was persecution that scattered them, even the late comer Apostle Paul, who was rumoured to have practiced terrorist kind of action like Muslims of today, was stopped on his way to Damascus to obtain another permission with which to massacre Christians, he was arrested not by man's special security precaution but by divine intervention.
If Paul did not know what befell him a crucial encounter that blinded his eyes then, how did Mohamadu Buhari know what will happen to him? His thoughtlessness has plunged the entire zoo called Nigeria into worst economic recession which occurred in Egypt over two thousand years ago, and there is no hope of recovery. Just yesterday, at Apapa Lagos Nigeria, I went to see one of Mohammad Buhari's political associate, a northerner who have lived in the south since 1968. And our discussions went like this; I did not allow him to know that I'm there to ask him some questions intentionally about Biafra and the economy.I fired the first salvo, by asking him Sir, being a very close Buhari's political associate and spending an enormous sum of money to see that he wins, but the way I see that thing here, it seems Sai Baba has abandoned you nothing have changed around you? He caught, adjusted his plastic chair and said, Dr Benjamin my friend, what I'm seeing and what is happening in Nigeria is very strange, can you believe that up till now as I'm talking to you I have not used my two eyes see Buhari except on tv and newspapers, badly has he finished speaking, that one of his trailer drivers came in and interrupted our discussion by saying, Alhaji and I have dinner together with Buhari one week, just one week before he was announced as the president.

Alhaji has gone to Abuja more than 30 times to see him but to no avail, in fact, we traced him to Katsina when one of his aides informed us that he was to visit, Alhaji again spent 300,000 nairas just to see him. But when the driver left, Alhaji told me confidently that he later met with Buhari, but since nothing comes out of hissing him, he did not bother telling anyone about their meeting. Buhari said to me that everybody is criticising him if they like let them vote for me in the next election if they don't like let them vote me out I don't care. I then asked him, is that why he is using DSS, army, police, Fulani herdsmen to illegally arrest, detain and kill people because nobody is questioning him? The Alhaji cut in by saying, blame America and Britain, for that one, even Buhari himself is not safe or is he safe? People are pushing him, do it this way, do things that way, wrong people. For Biafra issue, The North was producing groundnut in the 60's ex-exporting it, the west. Cocoa, East produced palm oil and coal every region has equal respect to one another until the discovery of useless oil, Everybody including the nonsense British abandoned the old ways to our detriment everybody is suffering and at the same time abusing the north for having caused Nigeria problems.
If you ask me, I want Biafra, let Yoruba go back to the farm, we in the North will go back to the farm, Dr. you will see after ten years of being apart, respect will once again return, Na this useless Britain cause the whole problem. Mr Kanu is contributing to Nigeria problem because since these people who don't want Nigeria to divide arrested him, problem here, problem there, before they will allow me to see Buhari again I am praying, I'll tell him to leave that man, because people talks about Biafra before him but it seems that he has something special going for him, that man may come as a human being, but people will not know that he has plenty power. Look at; it is not up to one year he was detained, the whole world have known him I'll tell Baba to leave him let him carry trouble to you people that are his brother in Biafra. I' m even advising you people to send him back to Britain where he came from before DSS arrested him, no oil, no, rice, no yam, no ram for Sallah, people are dying like fowls, this is not life Dr Benjamin. Alhaji stood up shook my hands and said, today is Friday, I 'm going for prayers let my people, he call on Mr Bala, please go and bring Malta guineas for Dr. he then left. One of the things leant on Fridays from this encounter with this Alhaji is that Buhari is actually in torment, he has joined the criminally fantastically corrupt Nigerians, who want to loot the Treasury and get out whether he is voted the second term is none of his business.The second thing I learnt is that Dr NNAMDI KANU possesses a great light that has illuminated all over the contraption called Nigeria.
Webster dictionary defines LIGHT as that which makes things VISIBLE, DAYTIME, NOT OPERATIVE, EASY, MODERATE, and that which gives LIFE. Nigeria couldn't have crashed if not Dr Nnamdi Kanu's detention, the number of death that is being recorded and the kind of animosity between the southern Nigeria and North could have been avoided. Barack Obama and No 10 Downing Street are killing innocent Biafrans and Nigerians because they think that what is happening here will not get to them. History has many times proved that assertion wrong. What goes around comes around, the same way the world will enjoy great prosperity five years into Biafran Independent, so they will suffer what Biafrans and Nigerians are suffering. The IPOB leaders feet have touched Asia, Europe, Israel, United States and Africa. Therefore, every continent must join hands to force Mohamadu Buhari to release Dr Kanu and others Biafrans illegally arrested and detained and support the restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra.

By Benjamin Kish.
Editor Udeagha Obasi
For UmuChiukwu Writers
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