22 January 2013

The way forward for the Biafra and the elaborate power-sharing arrangement in Nigeria Constitution, the unwritten rule requiring rotation of political power between the North and South and legacies of the mistrust endangered in 1966.


Igbo kwenu! Igbo kwenu!! Igbo kwenu!!!

The president, distinguished guest, ladies and gentlemen. Good afternoon to you all. It is a great privilege, humility and honour I am standing before you to refresh your mind back to the days of our struggle back home to our fatherland. Our thought and feeling first and foremost go to our spiritual ancestors and our comrades who died for the cause of our struggles from the York of oppression and tyranny and to emancipate us from the hands of our corrupt and barbaric leaders. We share our condolences to our fallen heroes who uphold to the fate and sacrifices for all generations to come I salute.

Today marked another memorable day in the history of our struggle. As you all know, we have come in a long way through our struggle to liberate our brothers and sisters and restore our identity and our land that have been besieged by our corrupt rulers since independence till now. Our nation is a great nation with huge resources but our leaders have made us to become beggars and poor people. We have vowed to continue our resistances until we achieved our freedom, unity and sense of identity of our country Biafra in all diversity.

We are fearless Organization  (IPOB) we shall prosper in our struggle as we decided to raise muscles against our fellow Nigeria who took us as a slave and enslave us in our fatherland since the civil war till date.
Our feelings go to those that have been openly humiliated, intentionally inflicted with suffering, pains, physical degrading treatment, torture  and arbitrary deprivation and inhuman suppression to deplorable condition, those in jail for the cause of our struggle, the homeless and those who are in exile we endorsed and extend our gratitude to you all.

We shall surely one day achieve our goals and aspirations in a Godly way through peaceful dialogue and conferences.
Our organization is not a violent one, we are peaceful elite and God fearing people that have been oppressed for a long time since the independence and consequently circumstances of civil war that followed in 1967 and the coup and counter coup of 1966. Our ethnic region have been bedeviled with crisis, we have been marginalized politically, economically and socially. As a result of the discontention, the eastern region decided to form the republic of Biafra.

The Nigeria government comprises of the Hausa and the Yoruba have been maltreating us badly, we have been denied of our basic rights such as employment when we are qualified we be suppressed militarily and police-wise. The Nigeria government introduced quota system and rotational presidency a way to punish us the Igbos. In the parastatals and customs, we have been marginalized. In state creation our region or our ethnic group have lesser state compared to the other two ethnic groups the Hausa and Yoruba. Infrastructure, our regional roads are so bad and the last repairs were made when Alex Ekwueme was the Vice President in 1980-1983 since then no new roads has been constructed.

There is no good roads to our towns and villages, no drinkable water, no constant electricity and our nation lacked maintenance culture, our country is in a state of despair, instability have become the order of the day and corruption have been embedded through all the fabrics of our citizens. The poor masses are suffering in the face of the rich, the nobles, the chiefs and those at the mantle of leadership. Since independence, none of our regional people has become the president of Nigeria.

Our nation according to the statistics says about 2,000,000 barrels of crude oil are put in the world market per day, yet the leaders continued to embezzle our money having foreign accounts that in foreign countries. The leaders grumbled there is no money to embark on meaningful projects. Yet they have money in Swiss banks.
Corruption have been embedded in all the fabrics of Nigeria society. Every part of the world our people are engaged in dubious and illegal misconducts. This is the fault of the National government. The national government does not actually know how many population they have because our borders are loosed to her neighbouring countries like the Niger, Togo and the Benin Republic.

Ladies and gentlemen, I want to ask where does our national revenue go to? These money are in the hands of our leaders, our leaders embezzled our money and sent it overseas, they built mansions for themselves and their children. Their children are schooling overseas while our schools and universities are closed down annually. In our schools teachers and lecturers are owned by the Nigeria government for months without pay. I believed Indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB), we have made up our minds to unite, succession from Nigeria and formed Biafra nation.

Where everyone will be free, equal and liberated from the York of oppression, victimization and marginalization from the hands of our fellow Nigerian that regarded us as enemies. We shall uphold to truth and brotherly love in the struggle for our freedom.

Igbo kwenu! Igbo kwenu!! Igbo kwenu!!!

I am here to inform you that we are spreading fast our tentacles to other parts of the world to bring awareness to every brothers and sisters what we stand for till our struggles are actualized. Our people are suffering on daily basis. Suffering because our leaders are corrupt and they lacks transparency and openness. We shall not fold our hands anymore. The more the awareness is disseminated to the people the earlier liberation. All hands need to be on deck in order to mobilize the masses on peaceful transition to dialogue and conferences.

I acknowledge the efforts of my grandfather and my father in their struggle for liberation. As you all know my grandfather was killed during the civil war and my parents were poisoned because of struggles to emancipate our people from the shackles of slavery perpetrated by our fellow Nigerian. And the enemies within ourselves, The government of the day have won some of our brothers and sisters, our sense of identity no longer act like one they put a knife on the things that held us together we are falling apart. We need to be strong, dedicated to our belief and aspiration we shall be victorious. This is one of the key messages from our leader Nnamdi Kanu.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am here today because our leader Nnamdi Kanu have given me the privilege to address you all, he is unable to come due to other engagement.
I am highly delighted to stand before you to delegate his thoughts and feelings to those of you present here today and others unable to come. It is a message we need to communicate to our friends and our well wishers.

It is my honour that we have determined more than ever to pull our resources together to find remedies to this ugly situation and predicament we face on daily basis from our fellow Nigerians. We are struggling especially to establish who we are, our people, our identity, the freedom of our land and the identity of our heritage.
We shall never relent in our efforts till we achieve our desired aims and objectives.  We shall always be our brother's keeper and emulate the spirit of oneness.

Igbo kwenu! Igbo kwenu!! Igbo kwenu!!!

God bless Biafra, God bless you all.
Thankfully: Wishing everyone safe journey back home.

Speech delivered by:
Achusim Uzochukwu Timothy
IPOB Netherlands
22 January, 2013.
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