By Tim Tochukwu
For Biafra Choice Writers

Biafrans recently spotted another duplicitous statement from a United States of America (USA) official in Nigeria, which has become a recurring decimal whenever they deal with issues of Biafra and Nigeria. This time are around, it was the country’s Deputy Head of the US Embassy in Nigeria, David Young, who while in Bayesla State visiting governor Seriake Dickson, spoke about freedom fighters in the region, represented mainly by Niger Delta Avengers (NDA).

Among other things, he told the world that what was needed in the Niger Delta was just improving the living standard of the people. But that is not what the people are asking. They are civilised and rational people asking for freedom from expired Nigeria. You cannot write an agenda and come to foist it on the people.

These were part of what he said: “The US government feels very strongly that all stakeholders should be engaged in dialogue, as part of the process to arrive at equitable and fair solution for all involved. We believe that a bit of challenge for Nigeria, is to transform the region of oil wells (the Niger Delta) into improvement in the life of the average Deltan…

“We encourage Nigerians to work for common goals as against violence and criminal activities and mechanisms for lasting change over time and provide economic opportunities and services for Deltans. US provides assistance to the region, through maritime security training, aviation security, treatment and prevention of HIV/AIDS, good governance planning, agricultural systems and a number of other activities. So we want to be your partner” he also said.

Sometimes one is left to wonder who appoints some of these USA officials to Nigeria, and why they come talking senselessly; skirting around the real issues that concerns the people; and expecting that it would be accepted hook line and sinker. Why fabricate and trumpet lies and attempt to deceive the world with it?

We will only say to Young that if there be violence in the region, it is Nigerian government under Muhammadu Buhari that is perpetrating that violence, by killing innocent people. If there be need in that land, it is the need for Nigeria to take away from the land its instruments of occupation, like the military; and to grant the people freedom from the incubus called Nigeria. If USA must provide assistance, it should be on what the people want; and not on what its stooges in Abuja want.

The need of the people is not living standard; they are capable of providing all they need. There need is that Nigeria, which has just expired as a country, should give them space and allow them run their lives. Nigeria is such an evil contraption that only children of the devil will want to stay within its boundary as citizens.

Imagine that an ex-us congressman, Hon Robert Dornan has been calling for a referendum on Biafra, having known the history and truth about the people’s trouble being within Nigerian evil boundary.  Recently, he had said “I say the Biafrans have known suffering and death and as a responsible witness to that holocaust, and as a Christian man of honour, I add my voice to those calling for internationally recognized referendum on the future of Biafra”.

Mr. Dornan was moved to renew his call as a result of distressing reports of extra-judicial killings and activities of armed nomadic Fulani herdsmen which has become rampant in Biafraland.

It is on this count that US Congress man, Tom Marinho called on the US government not to sell planes and other military equipment to Nigeria as its President, Muhammadu Buhari, has turned himself fully to a Muslim bigot, having been committing genocide against the people, especially Biafrans.

Why then would Young come to Niger Delta to talk nonsense? All the assistance Young claimed his government has been giving to Nigeria is a waste. Biafrans do not need them. The US should find something better to do with its resources than giving it criminals called Nigeria leaders that will embezzle them and ask for more. What Young has done is really surprising. Or is he among US officials that have come to Nigeria and after the government has padded their pockets they start talking like robots rather than human beings?
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  1. Gone are the days that a white man comes to define the destiny of the Black race. The Yoruba goat Osinbajo or what ever he call's himself should be ashamed of himself to yet again bring a white man from Lagos to come and tell Biafrans that freedom does not matter but rather to continue to live as slaves of Hausa-Fulani and Yoruba under the divide and defeat scheme of Britain supported by America? This is yet again an American dancing a puppet dance of the Arewa's and the Oduduwa's. Nigeria is expired. There is no point for one hopeless KKK American clown to come and utter a senseless worthless fake fraudulent propaganda message to the sons and daughters of the Indigenous people of Briafra-land. Another worthless trip by a kkk American man sent by yet again Obama who wants nothing more than the total Islamazation of Biafra and the entire African continent!!!