By Tim Tochukwu
For Biafra Choice Writers

Lamido Sanusi, the former Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) governor, and Fulani terrorist leader, joined other Fulani’s like him to speak warmly of Yoruba people and Lagos State. The terrorist ruler who spearheaded the beheading of Gedeon Akaluka, an Igbo-Biafran, in Kano, in 1995, is now the emir of Kano.

He spoke recently in Kano, and as some of his terrorist brothers have tried to do, he portrayed Niger Delta as useless, and Lagos as the best thing that has happened to Nigeria. He went on to describe Lagos as an example of what Nigerians could do. “This country is better off with Lagos than with the Niger Delta. Let’s not make that mistake” he said. But in saying all that, he pretended not to know that Lagos (and even Abuja) was built with Niger Delta wealth.

By making the statement, he becomes another of recent Fulani men, Nigeria’s internal colonizers, who have been trying to belittle the importance of Niger Delta. The reason for their new preoccupation is known to all Biafrans and not far-fetched. It is simply because people of the so-called Nigeria Delta have gotten wiser and have asked them to get off their land and leave their oil resources. Fulanis have for more than 50 years have been stealing Niger Delta petroleum resources while destroying the environment.

Viewed from all ramifications, it is obvious that they are simply warming themselves to the Yoruba people of Western Nigerian because they have their eyes on exploiting their coming resources. This was the same thing they did to the Igbo-Biafrans who rejected them. they told the Biafrans in the area Britain created and called Niger Delta that the Igbo were their problem with Nigeria. Now that the people have gotten wiser, they have turned their attention to the Yoruba, even though seriously and frantically searching for oil in the North.

But one thing is sure, Biafrans are not perturbed. What the Biafrans are saying is that Fulani and their expired one Nigeria should leave their land. It does not matter that they have raped it for more than 50 years. The people are prepared to rebuild their land by themselves.

Without any iota of doubt, Biafrans know what is at play. The Fulanis are consoling themselves with the loss of Niger Delta in Biafra, and at the same time trying to warm their way towards the Yoruba. Warming their way towards the Yoruba has become necessary since Biafrans told them to leave their land, having gotten tired of them stealing crude oil; and killing their people. It is an attempt to deceive the Yoruba into accepting them as they did during the Biafra/Nigeria war of 1967 – 1970.

One thing is certain however, Biafrans do not envy the Yoruba one bit. Only a careless group of people, having known of Fulani story all over West Africa, will allow the Fulani have a foothold in their land. We wish the Yoruba well.

We can only advise the Yoruba to enjoy their day in the sun. Already, Fulani eyes are on the reported crude oil discovered in Badagri and Ikorodu. Alike Dangote, the Fulani monopoly point-man, is already building a refinery in Lagos State. Pipes are being surreptitiously laid beyond the continental shelf (into no man’s waters) for discharging stolen crude.

Once again, we rejoice with Yoruba on their new love in 2016. Enjoy your day in the sun; the love of the Fulani. 
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