By Tim Tochukwu
For Biafra Choice Writers

The campaign to free Nnamdi Kanu, leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) is currently loading as plans are in top gear. In reaction, Northern elements are in panic mode and have resorted to playing mind games (psychological warfare).

The Northerners have been doing this by making declarations against Biafra that did not have any legal or rational support. They were only doing it, hoping they would discourage Biafrans from continuing with restoration work for their country, which is resonating across the world.

Biafra Choice Writers can report that the statements have proven counter- productive as Biafrans have continued with their preparations for the campaign with added fervor. The campaign is being planned to be held in major cities of the world in more than 88 countries on Friday, September 23.
The Biafran leader, Kanu, who is also the Director of Radio Biafra and Biafra Television, was abducted on October 14 last year by Nigeria’s Directorate of State Security Service (SSS), Muhammadu Buhari, Nigerian President’s Gestapo. Twice courts have ordered his release, but the Islamist Buhari, in his usual show of arrogance, disrespect for rule of law, and disdain for freedom, boasted that he would not release him.
Kanu has not committed any offence. The only reason why they have been chasing him was because he set up Radio Biafra in London, and was using it to campaign for the restoration of the sovereign and independent state of Biafra.

However, to show himself as the chief terrorist and sponsor of terrorism in Nigeria, Buhari released Kabir Sokoto, Boko Haram bomber of Madalla Catholic Church in Abuja, on December, 25, 2011. On that day, his bomb killed more than 45 persons, injuring nothing less than 56. Sokoto was convicted by a competent court, and was serving a life jail term, before Buhari released him.

To cover up this illegal action, was part of the reasons the Northerners resorted to playing mind games. In fact, Buhari started this early in the week when he shamelessly spoke to members of National Youth Service Corp (NYSC), graduates on national service from Biafraland, telling them to tell inform their colleagues that they should forget Biafra.

Many other Northern rulers like Bello Masari and Aminu Tambuwal, former Speakers of Nigeria’s House of Representatives, have been speaking in the same light. While Tambuwal boasted that Nigeria’s unity was not negotiable; Masari said Biafrans were wasting their time demanding Biafra.
As a result of this, Biafra Choice Writers started making contacts with some Biafran leaders, both at home and abroad, they gauge their opinion on the development. 

But a great number of Biafrans considered a big waste of time by the Northerners. They said the Northerners were trying to discourage them from their aspiration that was legitimate. Some boasted that Biafra was not in the hands of Nigeria to give, but the international community. Emma Nmezu, a Spokesperson of IPOB worldwide said: “By the time we finish with our programme internationally, we will see who will stand against Biafra from being restored”.

Others said the Northerners said the statements the Northerners were making were senseless and could not stand any legal test. Others expressed the opinion that what they engaged in was self-determination, which United Nations Orgnaisation (UNO) recognized. They also argued that United Nations’ (UN) Right of Indigenous Peoples supported what they were doing; just as Nigeria (which was established to last for 100 years) has expired.

Among those who spoke from Biafraland was Onyenka Nwokoronma (not his real name), an IPOB member, a lawyer and writer. He told Biafra Choice Writers that the most funny aspect of those speaking from the North was that they were Fulani people. He described them as “visitors and aliens” to the geographical space called Nigeria. He said he did not blame the Fulani people “for talking nonsense” but that he was blaming the Hausa people, owners of the land, which the Fulani came to still from them with guile.
Part of his words read: “Those saying all these trash are Fulani people. They are the shameless house-slaves of the British in West Africa. They are fighting a lost battle thinking they could dissuade Biafrans from their legitimate aspirations. Biafrans are not Hausa people they deceived and stole their lands. We are Biafrans, we know what we want, and we have gone for it. It is just a matter of time Biafra will come. There is nothing Buhari and his fellow Fulani criminals can do about it” he said.

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