On the 23rd September, 2016 , Biafrans and lovers of freedom across the globe will embark on a massive rally in every country where you can find a Biafran, to notify the whole world about the tyranny of President Muhamadu Buhari-led government.

The Indigenous People of Biafra(IPOB) - a people brutally murdered, systematically exterminated,  obviously suppressed, oppressed, persecuted, subjugated, victimized, punished, defrauded and marginalized since the inception of Nigeria in 1914 are keeping the whole world abreast of their fate, state and sufferings in Nigeria.

The Indigenous People of Biafra were free people living in peace with one another until Frederick Lugard went to join them with Hausa /Fulani and Yoruba people without formal consultations and agreements with all the parties involved. Making Nigeria the only artificially created country in the whole world.

Nations come into existence either by natural existence, formal agreement  (conduction of referendums) or by conquests. But in the case of Nigeria, a man called Fredick Lugard joined oil and water which he knew would never mix.

Frederick Lugard, I believe was experimenting whether cats and rats could peacefully live together without squabbles. Or he was trying to ascertain that oil and water can never mix no matter how long they stay together and how much compressional pressures exerted to keep them mixed.

Whichever one he had in mind, it is clear that Biafrans, Yorubas and Hausa/Fulanis cannot stay together peacefully no matter how long and how hard they are pressurized or forced.

Hausa/Fulanis are religious fanatics who find pleasure in killing those opposed to their religion as they believe in afterlife rewards for such killings according to their Islamic teachings and beliefs.

As they are seen in the world forming and heading terrorist organisations, Nigeria is no exception.

Apart from Boko Haram, most Muslims in Nigeria kill and maim their fellow countrymen at any slightest excuse.
They mob and behead Christians with accusations of desecrating their Koran or blasphemy against Mohammed.

Having seen these atrocities committed against his people, Lt. Col Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu objected to the systematic extermination of his people and declared Biafra a sovereign state after previously failed treaties with the  Nigerian establishment.

But Nigeria under General Yakubu Gowon declared war against Biafra. And with the help of some foreign countries supplying ammunition and personnel to Nigeria, Biafra surrendered to Nigeria. Yet the causes of the declaration of the sovereignty have continued to this day and would continue if Nigeria is not dismantled.

Nnamdi Kanu going by the spirit of Joshua started organising his people on Radio-Biafra London in order to lead them to the Promised land which Ojukwu like Moses tried but didn't completely succeed.

Nnamdi Kanu en route to Biafra land from London was arrested by President Muhamadu Buhari's boys, the DSS. And was charged to court on frivolous charges but was granted bail.

To show you why Biafrans can not live with Islamic Jihadists like Buhari:
On meeting the bail conditions though stringent, President Muhamadu Buhari refused to release Nnamdi Kanu.

Again Nnamdi Kanu was charged to another court. And Justice Adeniyi Ademola ordered his immediate unconditional release but President Muhamadu Buhari, as a tyrant he is, refused to release him, instead concocted more charges against him with no evidence.

And since the arrest and illegal detention of the Biafran leader, Nnamdi Kanu, President Muhamadu Buhari has also embarked on extrajudicial killings of Biafrans who either converge to pray, hold a vigil, hold a rally, celebrate the court order given to release their leader, peacefully protest against the illegal detention of their leader, or celebrate their Hero's Day.

Having seen repeatedly how defiant and unlawful President Muhamadu Buhari and other Nigerian leaders (past and future) are and would continue to be, the Indigenous People of Biafra, to avoid systematic extermination, are seeking their political freedom based on the 2007 UN charter on the rights of Indigenous People. Hence they are embarking on this rally to: ask the world to support their freedom and the freedom of their leader Nnamdi Kanu; ask civilised people in United Nations (UN) to enforce their resolutions on the rights of Indigenous People; tell the world about the dictator that flouts courts' order installed as Nigerian president; tell the world that the 1914 experiment of Frederick Lugard is destructive and as a result should be stopped; ask the world to organise referendum for Biafrans to exit Nigeria just as Britons exited the European Union.

So I ask all civilized people of the world to stand up against President Muhamadu Buhari of Nigeria and force him with sanctions to release Nnamdi Kanu unconditionally as ordered by a competent court of jurisdiction.

I also ask all lovers of freedom to join the Indigenous People of Biafra in this rally scheduled for 23rd September 2016, so that the systematic extermination of the people of Biafra would cease. And in no distant time, Nnamdi Kanu will be released and Biafra restored.

Written by Ogu Edozie Williams
Edited/published by Uchechi collins
For IPOB writers
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