By Tim Tochukwu
For Biafra Choice Writers

Come September 23, the streets of the world’s most important cities will be witnessing campaign marches by Biafran peoples, who have become the most oppressed and endangered people in the world today.
On that day, the Biafrans under the banner of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) will march through the streets to alert the world that they have not given up on their quest to have their leader, Nnamdi Kanu, the prisoner of conscience, released from Nigerian prison.
Kanu, who is also the Director of Radio Biafra and Biafra Television, has been in Nigerian gallows since October 14, 2015, after he was abducted and charged at various times with trumped-up charges by Department of State Security Service (DSS). Since his abduction, the charge sheet has changed more that thrice as the SSS struggle to devise ways of having the courts convict him for treasonable felony. But each time, the courts have thrown out the case for lacking in substance.

Twice the courts have ordered for his release, but Muhammadu Buhari, the Islamic president of Nigeria, has refused to release him, swearing publicly that he must make sure the man remains behind bars. Incidentally this is the same president that released Boko Haram terrorist Kabir Sokoto from prison. Sokoto was serving a life-jail term.

But Kanu who was only exercising his right to freedom of expression has been dumped in the gulag for almost a year now.
Come September 23, Biafrans will also use the day to let the world know that they have not succumbed to all the repressive actions Islamic government of Nigeria has been deploying to make them perpetual slaves in their own land.

Biafrans are being oppressed because they lost their sovereignty in 1914 when British government forceful coerced them into the “test tube” country they were bringing to be, Nigeria. As if that was not enough, over the years, British governments have helped to transform the country into an Islamic country. This was how Biafrans have, over the years, been turned to second class citizens in a country they solely fought for its independence. Perhaps it was out of hatred for the independence that the Biafrans fought that made successive British governments to see that the Biafrans were forever subjugated, even in their own land.

Apart from the part British government (not its people) played during the Biafra war of independence of 1966 – 1970, blockading Biafra and selling all manner of arms to Nigeria, the British government currently closes its eyes as Nigerian government devastates Biafraland and massacres Biafrans. It watches as Biafrans are being slaughtered in their homes, detained and jailed; even bombed and killed in Churches, market places and train stations.

This is why Biafrans will be using September 23 to tell the world not to stand by and watch the butcher Buhari send Kanu to jail for an offence he did not commit. Kanu only exercised his right of self-determination by legally establishing a radio station in London, with which he was charging his people to rise up and exercise their indigenous peoples’ right as was enunciated and adopted by the United Nation’s Organisation (UNO) General Assembly on September 13, 2007.

Biafrans will be echoing these in the streets of the world, and they are hoping that this time around the United Nations will make sure that their laws count by demanding that Nnamdi Kanu be set free; and Biafra independence consummated!

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