26 September 2016.

By Ogbonnia Onyekachi

According to new International Webster’s standard Dictionary, it defined TRUTH as conformity to the fact, that which is true.
Which means any issues, speeches, write-ups, tape messages, video
Messages, events etc. That is rhyming with a particular evidence or reality of the contending issues Or happening are called TRUTH.

But from my own perspective definition, just as I can define success in life as a divine inheritance to  sons and daughters of Zion ( CHUKWUOKIKE “God” ). In the same vein, I define TRUTH as a DIVINE VIRTUE OF PROGRESS IN LIFE.

However, looking at the dynamic effects of this word TRUTH to the individual that possess it, is beyond human comprehension. Those who have this DIVINE VIRTUE are always Set’s apart in life. They undergo lots of humiliations, rejections, disregards, disappointments, betrayals even from their very inner family members. LIFE IS always too tough for them at beginning, because they don’t follow crowd. Almost 70% of  people around sees them as a fool and good for nothing at the beginning. People give them lots of mockery names at the beginning to consolidate their humiliations.

But that is the time they obey the law which I called the law of refinement in life, which states that for somebody to be totally accepted & honored in life, must be first of all be rejected totally. In other to be examined of his or her trustworthy lives both in character, vision and profession in practice.

The uncommon great qualities of this people  are that they are tougher than the tough situations that meet them. And because TRUTH is a divine virtue, they are always wisdom might in nature. And their divine wisdom always produces divine visions or an ideology the world is seeking0p for. The divine visions will further produce divine directions which Set’s them apart from the crowd. These make them sees  and reasons beyond human comprehension.

Their convictions about their clear vision give them a lion heart. They can not be intimidated by anybody or circumstances, rather their boldness intimidates their enemies in life. Their adherence to this  DIVINE VIRTUE literates them & makes them lights to their generation and even the unborn. No wonder the Word of God says that you shall know the TRUTH and the TRUTH shall set you free “ John 8:32 “( Meaning TRUTH is a divine virtue of PROGRESS).

A typical example of this DIVINE TRUTH possessing VIRTUE is Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. The Honorable director of Radio Biafra and leader of indigenous people of Biafra. This man is an embodiment of DIVINE VIRTUE called TRUTH. He made me understand that the belt of TRUTH is the strongest weapon of the wise and the weakest weapon of the enemies of life. You can not defeat evil with lies rather TRUTH scatters them even deep down inside their marrows because  is a divine virtue. And divinity rules humanity.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has passed his law of refinement test. Before now nobody believed him, many  know him, some said he is a crook, jobless man who wants to spend thepeople's fund like others. All sorts of humiliations and rejections both physical and spiritual. But little did they understand that every divine virtue has corresponding divine fortifications and stamp of divine authority.

His unadulterated Truthful messages, conducts and actions , has changed his local rejections to GLOBAL  acceptance. His selfless service to a divine project of Biafra has drawn a global beam of light to the Restoration Biafra. His strict adherence to this divine virtue has made him a great prophet of our time. For God has granted him divine visions ahead of  his people and evil plans if the enemy which confirms him a prophet. For all he has said in his microphone has all happened.

The Word of God said that the world hate TRUTH,  Dr. Nnamdi Kanu cause has unveiled this word of God as a true reality . His message of TRUTH about the subjugations & slavery of his people has made him a prisoner of conscience, he is being charged of treasonable felony by the Nigerian government. Simply because he asked for the emancipation of his people.

But being that divinity supersede humanity. He has destroyed Nigeria as he said by debunking their chains and bundles of  lies and deceitfulness and reunited his people via this divine message of TRUTH. Due to the immense power in this divine virtue of TRUTH, Nigeria has been crushed to zero, economically, educationally, agriculturally, business wise etc. For the word of God said anything , Nation , kingdom built on falsehood or foundation must fall.

Nigeria is now suffering from giants to GLOBAL disgrace, humiliations, frustrations and rejections. Because they failed to understand that they are fighting Gods representative and His people. ( I.e God himself). For every divine project has Gods sealed stamp of authority.

In outrageous frustrations of NIGERIAN GOVERNMENT over this divine victory of USB, has blatantly refused to obey court orders in releasing Mazi Nnamdi unconditionally as  the court had ordered. In their quest to quench the divine project of United States of Biafra restoration, they have killed uncountable Biafrans secretly and publicly.
The world leaders what other TRUTH or facts do you want to know before dissolving this unholy marriage. I guess marriage is not by force. The TRUTH is very clear.

Today 26th September 2016. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu will be appearing in the court. I call on the well meaningful unadulterated personalities in the world, the world powers and UN to point their pal candle light to today's court appearance and compel Justice John Tsoho ( Mr President willing tool of Injustice) to do the needful by releasing Mazi Nnamdi Kanu unconditionally as has been ordered by two competent courts and let Biafra go.

For TRUTH is light, and light is life, and life is the beauty of  humanity, God special creations. And God is TRUTH himself, and God is divinity. Therefore TRUTH is a divine virtue. I equally recall the word of God that says, and light shines in darkness and darkness comprehended it not.
TRUTH has no substitutes , it speaks of peace, it is a liberator of destiny, life, people, kingdoms and Nations. It has indeed liberated Biafra via Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

The cry of many years of who will go for Biafra. Biafra cause has indeed exposed a lot of hidden mysteries to mankind. Biafra is our only hope. IT MIGHT BE BITTER BUT INDEED TRUTH is GOLDEN.
#FreeNnamdiKanu  #FReeBiafra

by Uchechi Collins
For IPOB writers
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