September 26, 2016
By Ogu Edozie Williams

I read the views of people that commented  on Buhari's refusal to conduct a referendum for Biafrans to decide whether to exit Nigeria or not.

In their views, they respectively suggested that Biafrans should stay in Nigeria to make competitions with other tribes in Nigeria; that they(Biafrans) are not organized; some said that Biafrans do not know why they need freedom; while others said they (Biafrans ) would kill each other if allowed to go.

Nigera was built on a faulty foundation. ...make research and see whether there's a country founded on lies in the whole.

The truth is that the inventor of Nigeria, Frederick Lugard said, after kicking off his experimental amalgamation, that Nigeria is like OIL  And WATER that cannot mix.

If you want to know the reasons why Biafrans want to exit Nigeria,  such reasons differ from individuals to individuals but include

Nigeria was founded on a faulty and fraudulent foundation. A Whiteman came and joined north and south together without a referendum to allow them to decide whether they want to stay together. There's no other country in the world concocted like that.

The inventor of Nigeria confessed that the north and south are like oil and water that cannot mix. And since the amalgamation of north and south protectorates, they have proven to be incompatible.

Hausa -Fulani are religious fanatics that kill at any time they want and the Biafrans cannot stay with them.

Biafrans are being marginalized : can you mention how many international airports and seaports in Biafra land? Biafrans have good seas and rivers but no sea port for them... so they need to go to Lagos before clearing their goods.
How many industries in Biafra land have been closed down by the federal government of Nigeria because they were sited in Biafra?

The resources Nigeria feeds on are from Biafra land., what is the impact on the people of Biafra?  Biafrans have been used and downtrodden. Have you gone to the Niger Delta and see how they are living in abject poverty?

If Biafrans are left to be on their own, there will not be subjugation, oppression or suppression. There will then be real competitions as some of you guys commented.

The talents Biafrans have will then be fully harnessed and utilised . As you may be aware that most of those that make things happen in other parts of the world are mostly Biafrans and it is Biafrans in diaspora that are championing the course of restoration of Biafra. The Biafrans in diaspora are ready to come back home to practise what they have learnt They want to come and utilise their God-given talents in a country where they will not be suppressed. You may not know much about the suppression I'm talking about but the Biafrans know .... The Biafrans serving in Nigeria government know too.

But whether Buhari like it or not, Biafrans are exiting Nigeria.  It is a shame and hypocrisy for Buhari  to support and advocate for the independence of Palestinians and Western Saharan People but suppresses Biafrans.? How would Buhari congratulate David Cameron on Brexit and resignation as prime minister but dictatorially concludes that Biafrans would not have Biafrexit? Is it not a sign of deception?

Nigeria is full of fraud in all that they do. It is even evident in the President Muhamadu Buhari led #ChangeBeginsWithMe campaign.  This is to show you how fraudulent Nigerians and Buhari are . The speech of Buhari that should have given birth to change in the lives of people , was crime-oriented . So can you see what I'm talking about?

Biafrans don't want to be in a country where the president forged his certificate, plagiarized his campaign speech, orders the killing of peaceful protesters yet denies;  disobeys courts' orders yet claims to be fighting corruption; refuses to follow due processes of the law yet claims to be upholding the constitution.

Biafrans don't want to be in a purported democratic institution yet are dealt with autocratically. Buhari claims to be a converted democrat but he is still in dictatorship full time.

Biafrans are civilised people just like Britons and want to decide their fate in a referendum just as Britons did, yet Buhari who congratulated David Cameron is unanimously declaring that Biafrans cannot decide their fate.

Biafrans were free people before Lugard came to forcefully join them with Hausa /Fulani and Yoruba enclaves. Biafrans were living in peace and progress with one another before they were merged. They were not killing each other neither were they killed at that time. So it is time to go back to status quo just as most countries of the world have done.

China is a great country today because they got their independence and other countries are on their own to manage their resources and talents , so Biafrans should be no exception because democracy demands that you allow people their freedom and civilization includes conducting a referendum for people that agitate to leave.

 So I challenge Buhari and Nigerians to be both democratic and civilized and conduct a referendum for Biafrans.

Don't bother yourselves how Biafrans would live with one another when they exit Nigeria.  Do not pity them whether they will survive or not; live in peace or in crisis; only allow them to go. Don't make them live against their wish....that is undemocratic. ....let them decide their fate in a referendum. ....if they decide to stay, let them do but if they decide to go, don't stop them.

Uchechi collins
For IPOB writers

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