If you are desperate to talk to Igbo Youth Corpers, it would have been better to ask them how their senior ones who passed through the same NYSC process are doing. Of cause, you won't ask knowing fully well that any of them is doing quite well after Service. The people who have chosen to embark on Biafra restoration quest are individuals who have toured through the wicked NYSC program that was placed in order to deceive Biafrans. Biafra restoration under Dr Nnamdi Kanu is borne out of frustration, hardship, marginalisation, killings, etc. put on Biafrans. It would have been nice if you will extend your deceitful assembling by also inquiring from those youths how far their roads are being fixed, how far their small businesses are being empowered, how far they managed to escape the dangers in Universities posed by lecturers, how they managed to be trained through series of strikes, how they managed to afford their various fees in the faces of hardship, how they managed to ply all the pot holes around Biafra land, how they managed to remain healthy in the midst poor of trained Doctors and facilities, ask them what National Youth Service Corps had changed since it has been set up and what impact the 3Rs (Rehabilitation, Reconciliation and Restructuring) had yielded in Biafra land.
Let me educate you Mr Mohammad Buhari. After the Civil war which you claimed to have killed 2 million 'Nigerians,' it was agreed to rehabilitate, reconstruct and reconcile the Eastern Region also known as Biafra, did the project above start in the Eastern region or Western region? Of cause, you people started and remained in the West and North. Today, you still want to remind Biafrans that you killed and lied to them about fake promises. The best federal roads are in the North, all companies headquarters are sited in the North and West, all Nigeria Academies are sited both in the West and North. After rotating FCT from South, West and North why has it not gotten to East? You quickly chose to deceive Biafrans the more and at the same time reminding them how quite they have become.
Biafrans are not idiots and dumb like you Northerners. We are out to go back to our dear Biafra land neither you nor your cohorts will stop us. You can choose to preach to more Corpers about Biafra, but one thing remains the same that you neither take your preaching to Biafra land nor stop the Biafra restoration quest. We have endured enough, and this is the right time to exercise our enshrined Rights under Universal Declaration of Human Rights powered by United Nations of which Nigeria is a full member. As a member of UN, you are bound to respect any treaty binding Human Rights, and that is what we are exercising. Mr Muhammad Buhari, you are only a human occupying the executive office of Nigeria. Constitution and Law govern Nigeria. You can not sub change them over night. You are bound to rule by Law anything more or less than that exposes you to questioning. Torturing and killing Biafrans has raised the call for examination, and if United Nations or International Bodies fail to question you, we will ask you within our reach.
By Prince Richmond C. Amadi
Editor Udeagha Obasi
For UmuChiukwu Writers
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