"1. A tribal militia created by the man during retirement from his first adventure in power is butchering Nigerians with his tacit support and the connivance of his DSS and police.

2. The entire public service of Nigeria has been islamised with the commanding heights of the civil service, military and paramilitary forces dominated 99% by northern muslims and the President's kinsmen. In this regard, a recent purge in the army and police saw about 200 senior officers and 20 DIGs respectively made up nearly 100% of southerners and Christians losing their commissions.

3. Islamist mobs encouraged by his triumphalist religious audacity are lynching, machetting, raping and ripping up Christians across the country.

4. One third of the country (the south east and south south) is excluded from the federal administration of Nigeria following what is effectively a presidential declaration of their part of the country as enemy territory for not giving their votes to Mr. President during the last election.

5. Legitimate agitation for regional autonomy in the same south east/south south has attracted the conversion of the region into a vast military garrison and a warren for the hunting of activists with mass graves of victims dotting the outskirts and forests of major cities like Aba and Onitsha. At the same time, the same security forces responsible for these killings turn a blind eye to the genocide which the Fulani militia has carried out now for a year and three months.

6. Bills are before the National Assembly for such fascist purposes as creating national grazing reserves for the Fulani militia on lands seized from southern Nigerians, and escalating the implementation of the Muslim sharia law to include criminal matters."
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