By Tim Tochukwu
For Biafra Choice Writers

Two statements are currently driving Biafrans’ preparation for the September 23 Free Nnamdi Kanu/free Biafra Campaign. The first is that which suggests that all agents of Nigeria – from its President Muhammadu Buhari to others, who have been working to discredit and derail the Biafra restoration project – should be put to shame.
The second is that which suggests that unless Nigeria allows for the exit of Biafra from within its boundary that it would deteriorate until it becomes worse than Somalia, as the most debased country in Africa, in terms of its economy and political life.

According to the Biafrans who spoke with Biafra Choice Writers, they were not under any illusions that Buhari and his stooges were working extra hard, trying to degrade all their efforts to have their leader, Nnamdi Kanu released from Nigerian prison; and Biafra restored.

Kanu is the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), and Director of Radio Biafra and Biafra Television. He has been preaching for the restoration of an independent state of Biafra arguing that Nigeria has expired having outlived its 100 years allocated lifespan. October 14 last year, Buhari’s men abducted him and have always brought different charges almost every court appearance. More than thrice the courts have ordered for his release, but Buhari, through his Gestapo, the Department of State Security (DSS, has refused to release him.

The first statement was made by Uche Asiegbu, Head of Biafra Directorate of State, residing at the Biafra Embassy in Spain. He had declared to Biafrans at home: “Please make this protest be the biggest ever, and let it be to the shame of people who said that a section of Biafrans want to denounce Biafra in October 1 in Abuja”.

Abuja is the capital of expired Nigeria and Biafrans have vowed to fulfill Asiegbu’s charge by demystifying anything Nigeria may do in Abuja on October 1. They said though Nigeria and its agents (even quislings from Biafraland) were free to do anything they want, or tell any lie they like, that they would be disgraced by Biafrans.

“We want to disgrace Buhari and his houseboys from Biafraland, who have collected bribes and are claiming that our people no longer want Biafra.” Ajuluchukwu Omeke, an IPOB member who called on Choice Writers to air his opinion.

He said they were going to unleash tsunami of a protest around the world and a deafening stay-at-home in Biafraland that would render any other thing Nigerians do in Abuja inconsequential. “We want to make a statement with these activities that anyone who campaigns for one-Nigeria from now on will be making a fool of himself or herself” he added.

For the Kanu declaration, Biafrans claimed they were motivated seeing that many of Kanu’s prediction were being fulfilled on a daily basis. Kanu had declared in 2014 that if they (Nigerians) refuse to allow Biafra to emerge peacefully, that Somalia would look like paradise when compared to what Nigeria would become.

Now with earth tremors and earth quakes reported in Northern Nigeria; the country’s economy in tatters; and many people turning to beggars and picking crumbs from dustbins in the country, they expressed confidence that their fight for Biafra restoration was right. Indeed, they said they were motivated by that statement, to be part of the coming unleashing of the tsunami of protests around the world, and a strong stay-at-home protest in their own land, Biafraland.

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