By Tim Tochukwu
For Biafra Choice Writers

At this moment, it becomes necessary to inform Biafrans on developments concerning the worldwide protest march, and the stay-at-home protesting holding this Friday, September 23. It is important Biafrans are told that Nigeria is bruised; their officials and security agencies and personnel are grieving the apparent loss of Biafraland; and their security personnel are mad and looking for opportunities to shed Biafran blood again.

The handwriting is now on the wall for all Nigerians that Biafra is on its way out. They understand how the international community now loath and do not want anything to do with them – they are looked at with disdain and disrespect. They know how their economy has been brought to its knees by the Niger Delta Avengers (NDA). They know how no foreign company, and indeed, how no foreign country wants to business with Nigeria. They know how their imbecilic President, Muhammadu Buhari, is disrespected everywhere he goes and treated like a leper.

In all these, they are not under any illusions that Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) agitations are responsible for what is happening to Nigeria. They know that Biafrexit, which IPOB has been spearheading all over the world, has finally destroyed Nigeria. This is why they are seething with rage against Biafrans right now; and they are looking for every opportunity to kill Biafrans.

Reports from military and Police barracks across Nigeria, especially in Biafraland, show that elements from other parts of the contraption are planning to go out into the streets to massacre Biafrans under any excuse. Reports show that these elements have been boasting that whether officially sent or not, they would get out there to kill the Biafrans.

Incidentally, they do not care whether those they were intending to kill would be bearing Igbo names or not. They do not care whether they speak or understand Igbo. For them anyone that hails from any of the South-east and South-south states, even many from the middle-belt are the same; and would be made to suffer the same fate.

This is why the message to every Biafran is that they should stay at home this Friday, September 23, from 8 O’clock in the morning to 4 O’clock in the evening. If possible turn the day into a Prayer and Fasting Day period, after all, there are so much to pray for in today’s world.

Biafrans be warned! Nigerian military and Police are in severe anger, and they are looking for Biafrans to kill to assuage their anger. Don’t give them that pleasure. Stay indoors this Friday, September 23. You will be glad you did.

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