Last month; the Biafra Land National coordinator of IPOB was arrested in his home by DSS and till date nobody knows his state. The DSS went on to accuse him of terrorism, an accusation that stirred anger among various pressure groups and many activists condemned the accusation. It is one thing to arrest Indigenous People of Biafra because they share different opinion with you but it is entirely another thing to accuse them of terrorism because they peacefully asked for self determination. Biafrans have been subject to forceful disappearance, murder and incessant arrest, but in a situation the DSS could not hide an arrest, they should give them hope that their own is still alive.

In Biafra, there have been forceful disappearance; the people are murdered in church, on a prayer ground, on a memorial ceremony ground, in their homes, offices and on their bed. Biafrans have seen the evil side of the world but it has never deterred their resolve to be free people. The agitation for Biafra is agitation to be free and protected by the law. “Arrest or no arrest, Biafra must be restored and hence Nnamdi Kanu has been arrested; further arrest means nothing to us. If they cannot release Nnamdi Kanu and sit down on a round table, I assure you many more dangerous things are coming” a member of IPOB told Ifeanyi Chijioke when questioned on Chidiebere’s arrest. “We are not deterred; our National coordinator is paying the price we are all ready to pay for Biafra”

There seems to be barbaric approach or application of the law when it comes to the Biafran people or matter in Nigeria. The constitution or law of Nigeria is not rightly applied on Biafran people and hence the people are treated like strange enemies. The arrest of Nnamdi Kanu exposed Nigeria as a lawless state and a government after the lives of the people of Biafra. Incarcerated for 98days, disobeyed orders of competent courts and refused fair hearing, these were among others the acts that characterized the case of Nnamdi Kanu.

Recall that since Chidiebere Onwudiwe was arrested, he has not been charged to any court but kept incommunicado and there is growing fear that he has been murdered. Speaking on his state, IPOB principal officer said “They arrested him; that is as irrelevant as anything you can think of; each arrest draws us closer to Biafra. They might be torturing him now to get information and you wonder the kind of information they will get. If Chidiebere knows anything about IPOB, anything he knows was changed the first day he was arrested. The DSS are just wasting time; instead of look for a civil means to solve the Biafra question. They are still sheepishly or rather blindly going on arrest and execution of IPOB members”

The report of ISIS-like execution of IPOB members was reported in Anambra state which was also replicated in other states. There has been denial by state Governors that they are not responsible for the act as the military is controlled by the President alone. Speaking on the execution of IPOB members, a community leader who doesn’t want his name in record said “You must be critical of this development, the military is the force shooting Biafrans and not the police. The Governor cannot control them and that is a very big problem” but while speaking on the state of Chidiebere Onwudiwe, Warri IPOB coordinator noted “I fear his execution, we are being killed here and there and nobody is exception”

There is uncontrollable hatred on Biafrans and the outlaw treatment the people of Biafra receive is quite disturbing; the silence of the world has worsened or promoted the act. The arrest of the national coordinator of IPOB is the evidence that up till date, the people of Biafra are still hunted and executed and top arrests are illegally handled. The people of Biafra should be treated like human beings with right and not animals. Buhari cannot rightly arrest and keep his victims aware from the law, people and nobody is talking.
There seems to be no end to this hatred and Nigerian government has lost the wit to handle the Biafra question. Arrest and execution of Biafrans that have been seen as the solution to Biafra question has not deterred the quest for a sovereign Biafra. The people of Biafra are less concerned with their arrest and execution, despite how open the execution has been made to instill fear, the people yet feel less concerned. They are still resolute and fearless; they are still shouting Biafra or death and there seems to be no end as humanity suffers death in Biafra.

Chidiebere Onwudiwe should be charged to court and sent to prison as that is part of the price Biafrans pay for being lawful and peaceful. The lawlessness of Nigerian Government should be shunned and the world should rise to the defense of the weak and law-abiding people. Because they bear no gun, Nigerian government has seen that as weakness and thus they clamped down on the people of Biafra. They execute and arrest them, making them endangered people. Biafra is the hope they have and only way to be protected by law.

Authored by Ifeanyi chijioke, for the Great Biafra Journalists.

Published by Okpalaeze.

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