By Ifeanyi Chijioke.

When Femi Fani-Kayode was arrested; I was one of those people that thought a remarkable voice would once again be silenced. I fought weakly; using my columns to demand for his release and the need for him to be lawfully handled. The reality remains that I was discouraged because I knew they would force him into a deal. ‘We give you freedom and stop persecuting you and you give us silence and allow us go with our country’. Nothing short of this demand because I am very much aware of people that had been there and were remarkably silenced. I remembered Victor Umeh and I said that Femi will likely go the way of that once vibrant man with loud and clear voice. He was flown to Abuja and spent a day or so; and I thought of Femi that was kept in detention for a long period.
I never knew I could be wrong and the spirit of Adekunle Fajuyi had possessed him, this is not to die for a Biafran but to die for justice. Recently he was released from detention, I was quiet and neither did I celebrate his freedom. A day had gone and I did not hear his voice; two days and I did not hear from him, that point I concluded that he has been silenced. I mourned the death of his voice; they have killed it with persecution and threat. They have killed it with incarceration and trumped up charges; they questioned even his salary and the money he inherited from his father; they are all corrupt money gotten from Dasuki. They have finally nailed Femi Fani Kayode, the once dogged fighter has been narrowed to dumb and deaf coward. I refused to share my grief or make it known to anybody; I went back home and researched all he had said and I missed him after each line.

But suddenly I heard the voice; filled with disbelief; I never wanted to listen or hear what he said, what else will he say if not to patch up? He would tell us how good Buhari is and how corruption war should be supported. He would tell us that Buhari is fighting peaceful agitators and sparing Fulani herdsmen terrorists is right or we need to protect this country or we get drown. I was waiting for a coward but I heard a brave man once again; without looking over his shoulders and fearlessly fighting the Islamic demon on top. He was stronger than he was before the persecution he passed through; he looked more determined than he was and he said that the prayer of people is let Nigeria divide and no longer God bless Nigeria.

Speaking on his experienced in detention, it was clear that if we stop fighting, something will overshadow us. Islamic fanatics have taken over Nigeria; the Islamization agenda is fast coming to reality and there is nothing we can do. They now deprive people right to pray to God but approve right to pray to Allah; prayer has suddenly turned to noise making. The senseless Christians are watching; he brought in Islamic coalition Soldiers. They are quiet while he locks up all the voices demanding for justice and fighting his Islamazation agenda. Femi noted clearly that only Christians were locked up in their various facilities and the worst of it all is; the personnel are 98% Islam.
Femi became an enemy for demanding justice, positing that Nnamdi Kanu committed no crime and opposing destruction of Christian faith. Before the message of Nnamdi Kanu could absorb, it was a bit late, instead of fighting alongside Kanu; they waited until the journey became tougher. The journey is now for the tough guys, Buhari is ready to fight, to imprison and silence all dissent voices. In an effort to silence Nnamdi Kanu from speaking the truth, he arrested and imprisoned him, demanding today that Kanu shall stop speaking the truth before he releases him. Nnamdi Kanu has shown a rare bravery and Femi Fani-Kayode seems to have followed the footstep of Nnamdi Kanu and all Biafrans. We must be resolute and fearless to overcome our common enemies. Fulani herdsmen terrorists are killing Christians; fanatics are beheading them and destroying churches. They have sworn that Northernization will be respected over restructure. You are in a big mess if you don’t follow the footstep of Nnamdi Kanu and fight when you are still breathing.
Yet Femi Fani Kayode could not be silenced after the trumped up charges and imprisonment, instead he was made stronger and fearless. Until Buhari stop seeing Biafrans and Christians as infidels, this war will linger and last because he would not win. Ohaneze Ndigbo can be cowards but over 50 million Biafrans cannot be cowards. Nwobodo can be a coward but Femi cannot be a coward, Victor Umeh can be a coward but Annkio Briggs cannot be a coward.

You can imprison people, some people can be afraid of you but be informed that Nnamdi Kanu has been replicated in millions of people and they shall oppose and keep fighting darkness with nothing but truth.

Authored by Ifeanyi chijioke, for the Great Biafra Journalists.

Published by Okpalaeze.

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