Muhammadu Buhari and Yemi Osinbajo
Editor’s note: President Muhammdu Buhari has faced heavy criticism concerning what many termed as lopsided that seems to favour the north and Muslims.

In this opinion by Femi Fani-Kayode, he quotes Pastor Bright Bayo Oladeji, who asks Christians why they are sideline in Buhari’s appointments and responds that true change will not come until Christians and southerners are treated as equals.

The letter

“Where are the Christians who sold the Church? The Islamic agenda is being perfected. Prof Ishaq Oloyede, a preeminent Islamic fanatic who said he was not aware Christians are being attacked and killed is now to head JAMB replacing Prof Ojerinde, a Baptist.

Four Muslims were not replaced, but left to continue. Out of the 17 offices, 9 new replacement are Muslims and 4 retained are Muslims. 13 out of 17 are now Muslims. NUC, Muslim, JAMB, Muslim; TETCOM, Muslim.

Where are those Christian leaders who sold the Church for a plate of porridge? Where are those telling us Prof Yemi Osinbajo would stand for the Church being a Pastor? Do they involve him in all these lopsided appointments in favour of the North and Muslims or not? Do we have Christians among the APC leaders? Does Odigie-Oyegun, the chairman of the ruling party belong to the Catholic church?

The fact that Buhari released these appointments the same day, the PUNCH Newspaper published an Editorial titled”Buhari’s parochial appointments”, a paper that endorsed his candidacy is a dirty slap on the nation. To say the least, it is a corruption with immunity. Many are afraid and being intimidated by the security operatives. Have we become second class citizens in our own country?”

Sadly the answer to the question is “YES”, Christians are now second class citizens in Nigeria. We warned our people but they wouldn’t listen.
Nigerians said they wanted “change” and now they must live with it. Every Christian that supported President Buhari and the APC, including some of the most prominent Church leaders, should bow their heads in shame.

As long as this evil continues we will not remain silent and neither shall we be intimidated. No matter how hard they try Nigeria will NEVER be Islamised and neither will our faith be rubbished.

When Christians are treated with respect and dignity and when they are honored that is when we will know rhat true change has come. When Yoruba Muslims are allowed to lead their northern counter-parts in prayer in the mosque that is when we will know that true change has come. When the secularity of the Nigerian state is reiterated and confirmed that is when we will know that true change has come.

When southerners are regarded as being on the same pedestal as northerners in the affairs of our nation that is when we know that true change has come. When Christians are no longer murdered in cold blood in some parts of the north simply for exercising their faith whilst the govetnment turns a bkind eye that is when we will know that true change has come.

When Christians leaders are no longer subjected to insults and brutal assault by over- zealous security agents simply for praying and reading the Holy Bible that is when we will know that true change has come.

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When the Igbo people are not treated as pariah citizens and when their children are no longer shot in the streets like stray dogs simply because, as a people, they have their own dreams and aspirations and simply because they are protesting against the manifest injustice that they have been subjected to in the land, that is when we will know that true change has come.

When Middle Belters and the northern minorities are allowed to carve out their own identity and when they are freed from the intimidation, harassment, hegemony, genocide, cultural imperialism and slavery of the core Muslim north then we will know that true change has come.
Until then the change that the Buhari administration has offered and served to the Nigerian people is nothing but fake. It is a classic case of 419. It is evil. It is wicked. It is nothing but a monumental fraud.

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