BIAFRA Nigeria is terribly going through man/human-inflicted hardship. A kind of hardship and hunger strive that was ones witnessed in 1967 - 1970, the period Yakubu Gowon carried out a genocide in Biafra known as Nigeria first Civil War which took approximately 6.5 million Biafran souls. Today, same silent War process is swiftly going on under the watch of Mohammad Buhari. Meanwhile, the crime rate in Nigeria is increasing on Daily basis as average Nigerian find it difficult to secure a square meal daily. I was beaten to shocks When I had sympathetic-like experience days ago When I endeavoured to cut my hair and then pick food package from a nearby Restaurant around my resident. At first, as I stepped into a Hair Saloon to cut my hair (as a surprise) a man of 37 or 38 years thereabout approached me with tears rolling down his check. He excused me to a corner and asked for some cash to buy food. That he has not tasted anything since morning and it was about 5:00 P.M on my watch. After the cutting of hair, right in a Restaurant, another aged man came to me for same food money. After attaining to both men, tears rolled down my check. If I could reach to two people in the space of 20 minutes for such help, what about others out there yet to disclose.
From the scenario narrated above, is quite convincing that majority that found themselves in such hunger strive situations may likely be endangered to one negative risk/pressure or the other. Where it hurts me most is the level of silence House representatives has become. All of them are dining to maximum comfort but allow their subjects to die. Money is not in circulation, No power supply, no good governance, no adequate economic policy, no liberal mindset at the helm of affairs, no water, etc. the available foods are either channelled to Northern Nigeria or Western Nigeria while they steer at South East/South South people (Biafrans) suffer. By the look of things, before 2017 people will subject themselves to cheap stealing just to help selves sustain alive. There will be consistent massive broad day stealing of any form, either money, cooked or raw foods. My question then is, what has caused followers to turn to prey to the leaders even When power lies in their hands? Democracy, to the best of my knowledge, is the government of the People, By People and for the People. Everything lies to the People both power to sub-change the leader by mass protest. How on earth have over 170 million people descend so low to people by subjecting them in abject poverty, hunger, hardship, suffering, marginalization, oppression, murder, and torture? Why won't there be a nationwide protest? Or are Nigerians scared of the vampire in Buhari?
Mohammad Buhari, to best of my knowledge, has no economic plan. He is perfect in begging from developing countries instead of cropping and harvesting hers. The nature and scope of average Fulani/Hausa man are hovering and begging. He has nothing to change to good than bad. Average good thinker has a listening ear, and best quality of a good leader is to have a listening ability. Is unfortunate Buhari does not possess any of this competence and not ready to acknowledge any form of deformation caused by him and his cohorts. His most worthless promises are always made abroad than home. Every right thinking man or woman that is ready to train their children like other sister country people should start thinking of division or Buhari resignation as president.
Division as the alternative to regain full grown economy in West Africa is the best that will resurrect Nigeria. Nigeria will be divided into three regions (Biafra, Oduduwa and Arewa). Of cause, Nigeria is too robust for one man to handle. The size of Nigeria naturally encourages corruption and crime because is too big, meanwhile, there is no real federalism. No absolute economic system control from central, everything is doctored By federal thereby giving much room/gaps where possible crimes are possibly carried out without being checked on daily basis. The last thing that will ever happen to Nigeria is to achieve steady power supply, reason because Nigeria Foundation is naturally wrong. By Prince Richmond C. Amadi
Edited by Udeagha Obasi
Umuchiukwu Writers
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