The first thing that comes to mind whenever a country like Nigeria is mentioned is that it is an entity where corruption is upheld and worshipped.This is not farfetched from the fact that it is a place where the Hausa-Fulani continues on a mission to get Biafrans Islamised and it has purely kicked off with the emergence of Buhari, the jihadist-led government of APC which has DSS as an instrument of kidnapping, killing, massacre and unlawful incarceration of Biafrans who has even in death refused to follow Islam. Several of this atrocities has been made hidden by the Nigeria media who in collaboration with the jihadist Buhari decided to keep it away from public observation. Hence radio Biafra has relentlessly continued to expose and lampoon them which has made the eyes of many opened to the fact that Nigeria is an Islamic state and in the same vein, is on course now to make sure all even Biafrans follow suit forcefully. 

The world must speak up against this or soon it will get to the doorsteps of everybody. Biafrans has continued to suffer In the hands of Hausa-Fulani for a very long time and has asked to be freed so that they can be on their own. We live a different style of life, and there is not in a relation between us. The only thing we clamour for is our independence which is self-determination as it is a universal law. Nnamdi Kanu's continues to be incarcerated despite courts of competent jurisdiction ordering his released Unconditionally, But despite all, such laws have been neglected just because of the Hausa-Fulani government now in power see him as a threat to their evil plans.

Several calls from concerned individuals have made deaf ears and in the same quest has seen even Biafrans been kidnapped and killed by Buhari assassins. In truth, there is only one thing they have failed to take into cognizance, which is that Nigeria economy will be brought to zero level and that whatever that is happening now is as God has planned it. We are here not only to restore Biafra but to make sure that nothing like Nigeria ever exists again, that was the message. Therefore let the battle continue because ChiukwuOkikeAhbiama is ever with us in this struggle. All hail BIAFRA.

Ezekwereogu john
Editor Udeagwu Obasi
For UmuChiukwu writers
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