BIAFRA It is crystal clear that the issue of TRIPOB and The Rebranded IPOB emerged after the visit of John Kerry to The Sultan of Sokoto in the contraption called Nigeria. In Nigeria, as I was taught in school, there is three main ethnic group in Nigeria. These are; Igbo (Biafra), Yoruba (Odudua) and Hausa (Arewa). The visit of John Kerry to the Northern part which is also known as the Arewas, is a thing of great concern, suspicious and needs an attentive analysis. This report should tell us that He has an evil agenda, and that appears to be in bold handwriting on the wall, of which no rational human should deny notice. Through Biafra Land, we have traditional rulers, religious leaders, OHA-na-Eze as they are called and other traditional elites that make up the Biafran clan. It is so disgraceful that John Kerry never recognised these elites, nor the top educated VIPs that abound in Biafra land. The only species in Nigeria seen by John Kerry was the northerners, which could make him visit the Sultan Of Sokoto. This is a bold handwriting on the wall indicating an impending danger ahead of Biafrans and other ethnic groups.
Am yet to know if John Kerry is a Muslim. Why would he develop such passion for terrorists, paedophiles, rapists and monsters like Muslims? Has John Kerry not been hearing the cries of Biafrans slaughtered daily by the Hausa-Fulani? Has John Kerry not been hearing about the ethnic cleansing in Biafra Land? Could he deny the fact that Biafra Land has automatically turned into a war zone by the Jihadist in power Muhammadu Buhari and his Co devilish agents? What is more unique in the palace of the Sultan Of Sokoto? It will interest you as a common man to know that the main reason for John Kerry's visit is to inform Buhari and the northerners on the final plan of the UN to declare Biafra an independent nation as soon as possible, thereby advising them on how to apply their strategies that will stop it. What else could have sprung up the so-called TRIPOB and The Rebranded IPOB? Recall that it was during few days before and after his visit that all these issues of IPOB splitting came up. John Kerry has warned Buhari to make up fake IPOB who should claim to have separated and also has sacked the leader of IPOB mazi Nnamdi Kanu who is presently in detention till date.
As a matter of fact, Buhari has loaded the OHA-na Eze group with billions to mobilise thousands of youth who will conduct anti-Biafra protests, claiming to have sacked IPOB and their leader. This is the evil agenda that prompted the Vanguard News of all people to bear and disseminate lies and propagandas against IPOB and their leader. Their main aim is to stop the UN from declaring Biafra an Independent nation, knowingly fully well that UN can only do that if there are no divisions among us. Biafrans are using this medium to state it categorically crystal clear that IPOB under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is intact and indivisible. There is nothing like TRIPOB or Rebranded IPOB. These are nothing but lies and propagandas propagated by the evil Vanguard News Papers.
We are also using the medium to warn Biafrans who are patronising Vanguard to desist from doing so and boycott them for misinforming the masses. This is the highest order of corruption, and they must pay dearly for defiling our sacred name. They have sold their conscience and souls to the satanic party of APC. Biafrans should be more careful than never. I suggest we should destroy any man or woman parading as TRIPOB or Rebranded IPOB. Biafra restoration is now, or never. The dismantling of these lies is the only end of the contraption called Nigeria. Get rid of them and become free forever.
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