Dead Biafran killed by Buhari
I quite regret that I was born in Nigeria and I feel more regret that in 1967, a class of Biafrans could not execute defense. In 1967; His Excellency late Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu led the people of Biafra to stop invasion of their newly declared nation that has exited thousands of years before amalgamation - war of extermination against them. Biafra has just been declared and while they were setting everything in place to run a lovely nation, they were invaded and massacred. Britain gave Nigeria everything she needed to execute genocide against a free and innocent people. They gave them bullets and bombs, they gave them voice and cover. There was nothing that was not given to Nigeria and as thoughtless as Nigeria is; they passionately murdered over 5 million of their fellow blacks. Starved 1.5 million innocent children and who knows how many Emeagwalis’ that was lost to that war.
Before this gruesome genocide; there was an arrangement by the Military to kill leaders of the three nations that made up of Nigeria as amalgamated by Lugard due to corruption. Due to the difference in belief and culture and as fate may have it the people of Biafra were unable to lay their hands on some of their leaders for the mere fact that some of their top leaders then were outside the shore of Nigeria, while others from Oduduwa and Arewa were unfortunate. That was where the game of death began and the difference was clear; they are different people with different culture, belief and perception. Then after the takeover of power by Aguinyi Ironsi, the other nations felt cheated by Biafrans and that was how the bloodiest coup happened. 300 Biafran personnel were killed in a coup and power shifted to the other nation called Arewa.
The coup defined the evil creation by Lugard and marked the dawn of unprecedented bloodbath in Nigeria, though the killing of Biafrans started in 1945 in Jos, Kano etc; since after the coup, the people of Biafra were hated so much that to erase them on the face of the earth became an obsession. Poised to erase them; incessant killing of Biafrans commenced in every part of Nigeria with Northern part the major focus. Biafrans were chased like fowls and murdered worthlessly; there was no means to carry on except to be a free people. Aburi accord gave a hope of peaceful co-existence but it was thwarted because of passion to feast on their prey. Biafra became a prey; they get killed for fun, for being wise. Aburi accord’s failure gave birth to Biafra; in a struggle to exist, Biafra was declared but that was the beginning of their further death.
From the day of that Coup till date, Biafrans are dying remarkably, blood is flowing significantly and more will flow. One will begin to ask, what is so special about this Lugardian creation that it cannot be dissolved to save lives of innocent children of Africa. Since the creation of Nigeria by Lugard, it has been a country killing her countrymen. If bombs are not raining down from the sky of the government, machetes are slitting the throats of countrymen by their fellow countrymen. If the government guns are not screaming, the guns of fellow countrymen are screaming against fellow countrymen. Truly; since the creation of Nigeria, Nigerians have known no peace. You are either a prey or predator, while the prey hunt its fellow prey, predators show off with fellow predators and when predators meet prey, blood soaks the earth.
This is a country killing its countrymen; death has become a routine occurrence that when ten people die in London, the Prime Minister takes to the mainstream media and voice his pity or condolence but when 500 people die in Agatu-Biafra; the President sees it as a normal thing that deserves not condemnation. The country either sees its countrymen as infidels or as enemies because in most cases; a country only kill enemies of the country and not countrymen. Sometimes they kill countrymen in the name of fighting for peace while the prison is meant for political opponents. They wage war against fellow countrymen and beat their chest but fearfully forfeit a part of the country to neighbors they should fight. They carry their guns and boast that nothing will stand in a part of its country but allow something stand and take part of their country. They are country’s soldiers trained to fight only but their countrymen. This is clear evidence that Biafrans are not Nigerians but enemies; they are not countrymen but slaves forced to be in Nigeria by Lugard.
Three weeks after Buhari won the presidential election; he quickly commanded men of the air force to rain prohibited bombs on the enemies of Nigeria- yet he calls Biafrans countrymen. When asked why the aerial attack; he responded that he was hunting kidnappers and oil vandals. I have tried to comprehend this move but I could not; to fly into ones region and use fighter jets in bombing suspected vandals and kidnappers. This is a country without heart and this was how Lugard created it, putting naturally opposing people in one place against their will. Buhari has never used fighter jets against Boko haram, he was of the view that terrorists from his nation deserves amnesty while oil vandals from Biafra deserve aerial bombardment. When I saw a country bombing its countrymen; I once more regret why God created lord Lugard to have played God on Biafrans.
Pictures of bombed Biafran children emerged like that of 1967, burnt beyond recognition; residents in agony, asking God what they have done to Him. There is a sustained war against supposed countrymen by their country and one begins to ask; what has gone wrong and why should carnivorous Nigeria be yet allowed to keep feeding on the blood of Biafrans their supposed countrymen. Buhari is one man that understood this when he said had Kanu saw how Nigeria killed Biafrans in 1967, he wouldn’t dare mention Biafra again. He summed it up when he said that Nigeria will kill all Biafrans, its supposed countrymen before it stops being Nigeria. This is clear evidence that this country was designed to kill its supposed countrymen. We have come of age and moved on from 1967, we have reached a computer age and this is the age to save supposed countrymen from carnivorous country. If Nigeria cannot live without sucking the blood of Biafrans, its supposed countrymen; then it becomes a moral thing to fight for the end of this vampire called Nigeria.
Till date; supposed countrymen are dying for one reason or another, in Lagos, they use fighter jets against the community. Bombing innocent citizens and bombing guilty citizens in the name of fighting militants; they are poised to clear everything, everything that disturbs Nigeria. In Biafra; they have unleashed the country military against Biafrans, its supposed countrymen for demanding restoration of Biafra. Blood is flowing everyday and countrymen are suffering and weeping; nobody knows what to do or where to go. If the government is not killing countrymen, Religion is killing countrymen. If criminals are not killing countrymen, criminal politicians are sucking countrymen dry. It is time we all stand and oppose a country killing and bombing its countrymen; it is time we stand and demand a nation where love and peace will reign. It is time we give Boko haram reason to stop killing hence they need not maiming of Christians. It is time we stop Nigeria from killing us, and to kill us no more.
Biafra is not Nigeria and Nigeria is very much aware that Nigeria is not Biafra, they have nothing in common and are different nations put together. This contraption is against law of nature which now breeds vices and untold misery on humanity. Humanity shall be held responsible by Supreme Being for this evil called Nigeria and a special place shall be kept in hell for those that can solve this problem but kept mute.

Authored by Ifeanyi Chijioke
Published by Chinwe Korie
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