Akwa Ibom leaders
AkwBy Adaku Igwe
For Biafra Choice Writers

The train of Biafra Choice Writers got to Akwa Ibom State at the weekend and had audience with a cross section of Biafran leaders at different meeting venues across the state capital, Uyo. The people were overjoyed leading to the state Coordinator of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Sir Ambrose giving insight into how he has been able to manage the affairs of Biafrans in the state.
He said his people were more Biafran than others, and making him to conclude that it was wrong for the wicked and evil Fulani people (who came from Senegal) to expect them to jettison their identity while embracing Fulani’s backward identity. He however expressed much happiness with his people for responding positively, with great “zeal and zest” to the new move for Biafra restoration.  “Our people know the truth that Nigeria is a lie created to deceive them, that is why they are coming out in their numbers to embrace this new move to restore our country”.
Explaining further, he said the people embraced the new thrust for Biafra, because they had not benefited anything from Nigeria since the Biafra war ended in 1970. “After the Biafra war we have not enjoyed anything from their one-Nigeria – no jobs, no good roads, hunger is everywhere, no international airport, and several other things – in short they have been cheating us. That is why our people cannot take it any longer”.
Expressing similar sentiments, Prophet Elijah, an Ibibio man declared: “This Biafra we are talking about is not only for the Igbo people. It is also for Akwa-Ibom people. We are the real Biafrans.”
However, interactions with more people showed that Akwa Ibom people are pained that they could not receive Radio Biafra on FM. Goodluck Okon told Biafra Choice Writers that they want FM relay stations in their state, which would make it easier for their people to easily receive the Biafran message as reality and not a joke.

He then called on any Akwa Ibom person who hears about Biafra to quickly join “the train”, which he said has already left the station. “All our people of Ibibio, Oron, Eket, Uran, and other places should come out to support the move to restore Biafra”.
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