Buhari & Shekau-Same person in different faces
Few days ago; I brought to the public a report that says Kuje inmates were not aware Nnamdi Kanu committed any crime; the inmate noted that the reason they asked Nnamdi Kanu to open and sponsor their football championship in the prison was because he is quite different from the rest of them. The inmate went further to disclose that even the Wardens don’t see Nnamdi Kanu as a criminal or suspect. This however implies that even a child born today is aware that Nnamdi Kanu committed no crime. Buhari has maintained that Nnamdi Kanu committed atrocities by having dual citizenship and propagating Biafra restoration project.


Buhari perceives Biafra restoration as immoral call, speaking on Biafra question; he questioned the underlying principle behind Biafra restoration. “If the boy knows how many people killed during Biafra war, he would not be talking about Biafra”. It was estimated that over 5 million Biafrans lost their lives during the genocidal war against them. It was believed by some people that Buhari implies that had Kanu seen how Nigeria killed Biafrans; fear would not let him to ask for Biafra again. Buhari has ultimately interfered in the court process which led to Kanu’s continued detention; he even publicly vowed never to release Nnamdi Kanu. 

Since Nnamdi Kanu was arrested and detained, Nigeria has been faced with threats, ranging from protests that always cripple the economy to the emergence of Niger Delta Avengers and other militants demanding the freedom of the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra. The court seems to have lost control over the case due to Buhari’s significant interest and political resolution is expected to be placed forward because people believe the court has been raped.

Reacting to the report by this Writer; Nigerians have reacted angrily to the claim made by Kuje inmates. According to the numerous inbox and comments that trailed the report in top Nigerian blogs; Nigerians were of the view that Nnamdi Kanu committed crime and went further to say the crime was threatening genocide against them. “That stubborn boy from Biafra committed crime against us; he threatened us with genocide” a comment said and held that had he not threatened them, that he would have not been in prison. Other comments held that Nnamdi Kanu will be jailed and taken to ICC for using freedom of speech which is limited; as claimed by them.
I refused to comment as I followed reactions, all people of Biafra reacted positively while most Nigerians reacted negatively. When question was put forward to those that claimed he committed crime; they only shouted, “he must renounce Biafra” and when another question “Is verbal threat or defamation not bail-able offence?” They could not still answer but only shouted “Buhari will kill him and he must renounce Biafra”. This time around, I made use of my red button because Nigeria is indeed underdeveloped. If they know what Nnamdi Kanu is; they would have known that their lives depend on his safety and freedom. What will befall Nigeria will be unimaginable; when fanatics get loosed, aggression is cherished and grossly carried out.
There is confusion among Nigerians, their President and the Judiciary; nobody knows the crime Kanu committed anymore. Buhari accused Kanu of having dual passport and also noted Radio Biafra as crimes. The court accused him of treason, he usurped Buhari’s government and Nigerians accused him of threat, he threatened genocide on them. This is my area of interest; the crime Kanu committed against Nigerians as claimed by Nigerians. I did not pick interest because I love discussing genocide but because I see the claim by Nigerians as mockery. If they could boldly accuse a man they killed in most gruesome genocide in 1967 of genocide threat. A man they committed genocide against in Onitsha, Aba, Igweocha, Delta and other places. Then there is problem somewhere; Nigerians are poorly educated or they know little about their history or the term genocide.
‘It is either they give us Biafra or Somalia will be a paradise compared to Nigeria, let them not force us into violence because if they do, everything standing in Nigeria will fall, even the animals in Nigeria will be affected’ this was the threat as claimed by Nigerians. I want to make something very clear here, Kanu said that if Nigeria force Biafrans into violence, he never threatened genocide but warned that if we don’t solve Biafra question in a civil way and peacefully, the result will be much, and if this simple truth is the genocide threat; we will continue to make this threat. The reason there is warning here and there by Nnamdi Kanu is that he wants peace; if he never wanted a peaceful Biafra, he would have set up an army and fight than set up a radio to talk.
The problem I see in Nigerians is their inability to bluntly admit truth, they want massaged truth but Kanu could not help it because he is a defender of truth and he defends it passionately and fearlessly. They have also failed to admit the fact that Biafra is an ideology and cannot be subdued or killed until addressed properly. I have maintained and kept standing on referendum as the solution to Biafra agitation. Holding Kanu cannot stop Biafra restoration project. Accusing Kanu here and there has nothing to do with Biafra restoration. If since 1967 gun could not stop Biafra agitation, it is better to check other ways. The more Kanu is held is the more Nigeria sink because the people of Biafra have made up their mind to get it now and for all.

Authored by Ifeanyi Chijioke
Published by Chinwe Korie
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