Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in court cheered by multitudes of admirers
I have decided to make this essay an open letter so that it would easily reach MEND, as they are about to join the Northern region against the Eastern region (Biafra). They claimed operation Moses when operation Jesus that could have saved the lives of our people in the hands of Boko haram was not claimed. They claimed operation Moses against Biafra restoration NDA is fighting for. They claimed operation Moses against the fight for the future of the people of Old Eastern region Avengers are on. They claimed operation Moses against the decent demand made by Avengers for the people of Eastern region. They have taken out sword from its sheath, they are ready to fight their people and they are ready to help Buhari destroy us the way he did in 1967. They are helpless, they have no pride, where were they when Buhari frustrated our son-Jonathan out of office? Why didn’t they fight Boko haram shedding blood of innocent people of Eastern region? Today; they want to fight agitators that have avoided bloodshed but tackled government in a language it understands.
My reason for using strong words on MEND is for them to know that they woefully failed it. They demanded the release of the leader of the people of Biafra Nnamdi Kanu, Henry and Charles Okah- for Buhari to continue the slavery of our people. They just traded the three for our future; that we may continue languishing and dying in the hands of Islamic Nigeria. If Buhari releases them, what is the assurance that he won’t arrest other Biafrans? We have to be wise now we have realized our weak point which is the disunity through divide and rule. There is no more Southsouth and Southeast and that is what your negotiation stands for and I appreciate that. But for trying to trade the future and wish of entire Biafrans with the freedom of the leader of Biafrans and two other Biafrans you mentioned; that is really funny because Biafrans might lynch every single one of you making that negotiation.
We have to come back home and think; I am of the opinion that we go for power and release Okahs’ with it than lick the ass of Buhari or be saboteurs just to have them released. You seem not to know Biafran leader Nnamdi Kanu yet; he would rather die than trade Biafra. With Biafra; we can be able to solve the problem of Okahs’ and beyond, you are going for a fish while an ocean that can give you surplus fish is renounced. If Kanu renounces Biafra and comes out and Buhari pays you with Okahs’ freedom, how long shall it last and will you have the audacity to talk again in Nigeria? Now the mathematics is very simple; Nnamdi Kanu as the arrow head of Biafra, let us support him with everything we have and restore our nation and then go for Okahs’. Nnamdi Kanu will go for every single Biafran prisoner in Nigerian detention hence it has to do with agitation and beyond agitation. All the people arrested by Nigeria have a case and the only man without a case is Nnamdi Kanu and he is the person championing Biafra restoration. I will simply advise you to go back and start working for Biafra restoration if you really want Okahs’ out. If Nnamdi Kanu is further held in that prison; something dangerous will happen, so take the time for this Moses and prepare for Operation Michael.
Yes; I might be wrong to have mentioned Jonathan as a son to MEND, Jonathan is a coward and I will still say this to his face. He was afraid of the North and tried to please them; he was also afraid of the West, he trusted them more than the people of Eastern region. They told him to remove the then Chief of army staff, Ihejirika and he did; they cowed him because they told him he came from the minority. Who even told him old Eastern region is a minority? Lack of information and history, caught and cost by divide and rule. Jonathan is a disappointment, we are known for our bravery and I wonder what happened to him. Look at Buhari today, he is making Nigeria a Northern establishment, what will anybody do if not to shout and sit down? He is not waiting for second term, he doesn’t care what you think or say and if you talk too much you find yourself in the prison. But imagine our own son; he gave Northern people attention and Western people everything while he could not even fix second Niger Bridge for us.
I understand why MEND chose this path of sabotage; Jonathan first sabotaged his people but I am not happy with MEND because the anger of a brother doesn’t reach the bone marrow. We are all angry but we should not kill ourselves before the enemies because once you kill your brother, your enemy will see you have nobody to question him and kill you as well. Hey! Stop boasting already, I am not pleading to you; I am only being rational here. Jonathan released AL-Mustapha and allowed Charles and Henry Okah to rot in prison; what kind of a brother is he? By giving a Northern criminal state pardon and leaving your own blood brother to rot in jail; Jonathan is a real coward and deserves no place in our land. Why won’t MEND compromise and lick the ass of Buhari to have Okahs’ released? Jonathan gave them no option except what they are doing today. While we blame MEND, we should spite on Jonathan for being a coward.
I waited for the dust to rest before writing to you, I wanted to see the press release from IPOB and they gave it to you very hot and I hope you saw the spontaneous emotion. The reactions of Avengers and the entire people of Eastern region, I wish you could hear them lay a curse on you; don’t joke with Biafra because they won’t take it lightly, fanatics! I have had everything I wanted even though I am insufficient with Avengers. They have not reacted spontaneously to the error and sabotage by you, if you make any move on that path; nobody will wait for Avengers, the people will start the fight against you by all means. Attack against Avengers is attack against the entire people of Biafra because their demand is inclusive. This is not only about Nnamdi Kanu, it is about Biafra restoration. It is about the total well being of the people of Biafra and not for their pocket or to get paid or contract you were notorious for in the past.
I was so disappointed with MEND; while Baboon was working and even Monkey that chose to chop was chopping so significantly to annoy the Baboon. NDA is agitating and MEND is negotiating; this is only possible in Nigeria. I have nothing against MEND negotiating but why not take the fair demands of NDA and CML and other agitators. Why not demand for Kanu’s release and then come home to discuss conditions; even though you want him to renounce Biafra, why not come home and discuss with him? Telling Nnamdi Kanu to renounce the destiny or future of the entire people of Biafra because of his freedom and that of Okahs’ is a threat to us. Why not negotiate to favor the people, why the selfishness and why this same character you exhibited in 2009? Always after your pocket and your well being without considering millions of our people suffering pollution and marginalization. Sadly, all you guys could do was to ask for Okahs release and Nnamdi Kanu’s conditional release and everything will be fine; then we continue suffering and dying.
I don’t want to continue this letter again because you have entirely lost focus; you are poised to please Buhari to have Okahs’ released. Many Biafrans died in River state and Delta, many were arrested in Crossriver and Bayelsa and could not be seen till date. Many died in Imo and Abia state; genocide committed in Anambra and you placed the freedom of Biafran leader and other two above the millions that have died. Nnamdi Kanu said it is either he dies or he gets Biafra and you must tell Okahs’ that we today have one goal. It is either Biafra saves all of us or Biafra kills all of us. If you start your operation Moses, two things are involved and one must happen. My candid advice is, let us fight like brave men and get our leader and brothers out of that prison than lick the ass of Buhari.

Authored by Ifeanyi Chijioke
Published by Chinwe Korie
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