Abubakar: Northern parasite
By Tim Tochukwu
For Biafra Choice Writers

Abdulsalami Abubakar, former Nigerian military junta, took some time off to gallivant around Biafraland at the weekend in an attempt to deceive the people. He tried hoodwinking the people with some laughable pieces of demagoguery on dialoguing with government and saving Nigerian economy.
For instance, at Nnewi, he told freedom fighters like Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and Niger Delta Avengers (NDA) to give peace a chance by dialoguing with government. “I am appealing to all Nigerians irrespective of what their grievances are to come to a roundtable and try to see how we can resolve these issues. We have amicable ways of settling these issues because there must be peace before we can progress as a country,” he said.
Abdulsalami should tell the world what amicable ways Nigeria has ever used in the past to resolve issues. We know that Nigerian response to people’s legitimate demands has always been violent repression leading to the murder and abduction of thousands. As if that lie was not enough, he spoke on the economy, pleading with the people to help in saving it. To show how dubious he is, he pretended he did not know that Nigerian government had not contacted the people for dialogue, but has been amassing arms and ammunitions to repress them.
On the economy, he said “Economic recession is a reality we cannot run away from but with our collective efforts, we can jointly work together to reposition the nation and have a vibrant economy, in doing this, the private sector has major roles to play as we have seen in the Nnewi example. “Recession is not peculiar to Nigeria because all over the world, there is economic recession, it is going to be tough but we have to be patient with the government.” Gen Abubakar stated.
People should tell Abubakar that Biafrans are not interested in the accursed Nigeria, or its economy. Biafrans know that their economy could be built in just six months once they get their separation from Nigeria. Biafrans do not want to continue to labour, building an economy that lazy Northern parasitic Fulani people and their Northern slaves will continue to steal from.
Biafrans’ problem is not economy, but to get out of Nigeria. That Nnewi is thriving on industrialization, in spite of all the restrictions and bottle-necks Northern Nigerian rulers foisted on Biafrans, is enough prove that building the economy is not Biafrans’ problem. Biafrans’ major problem is getting the genocidists (of which Abubakar is among) and the Islamists Northerners to get out of their lives and not force them into Islam. What Biafrans want is to run their lives by themselves and to relate with international friends of their own.
Biafrans know the reason for Abubakar’s shuttle around Biafraland. They know it is to recruit agents they intend to use for their next electoral fraud for 2019. He is recruiting new stooges to hold the people in further bondage as they continue with their Islamisation agenda. He should be told in clear terms that as usual they will fail in Biafraland.
He should also be told in no unmistakable terms that any dialogue, which centers on allowing the economy without talking about Biafra independence, will not happen. Any dialogue that is only aimed at allowing the economy to thrive so that the Islamic Northern supremacists will continue to ride rough-shod over our lives is dead on arrival. If he thinks that he can just get up and start talking gibberish about dialogue and freeing the economy without talking about our youths that lunatic Buhari murdered, then he is talking nonsense.

Just imagine that while he was in Biafraland dishing out his nonsense, his brother Buhari was massing up troops in Niger Delta creeks, to fight the Avengers. Abubakar should go back to the North. He has failed.
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