The 1914 amalgamation document signed by the then British Commissioner, Lugard Frederic clearly states thus "After hundred years of existence, any part of Nigeria is allowed to go their separate ways". It is instructive to say that a geographical entity that does not know or understand its history will be in the perpetual wilderness." Those campaigning for the dismemberment of what they call ill-coupled Nigeria have taken the battle to social media perhaps to (or “intending to”) capturing the attention of the young population that mostly avail themselves of the facilities of information and communication technology (ICT). Self-determination groups, mainly from the South of Nigeria, called Biafrans, have increased the tempo of their clamour for a revisit of the 1914 marriage since the return of the country to civil rule in 1999 to disintegrate peacefully. Some of these groups which also clamour for control of the resources in their domains, include the Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra The Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB), (MASSOB), Movement for the Survival of Ogoni People (MOSOP), the Coalition of Oodua Self-Determination Group (COSEG) and many others.
Some socio-political upheavals that have rocked Nigeria to its foundations have also oiled the argument for the re-negotiation of its unity. One of such is the fratricidal Civil War between 1967 and 1970. But rather than abate, since the end of the war, ethnic cleavages continue to be visible in every facet of the country, from terrain political, religious, social and so on. There are, however, those who are vehemently opposed to the breakup of the entity named Nigeria by Flora Shaw, an English journalist whose hands in marriage Lugard later had. Leading this pack is President Goodluck Jonathan. He said Nigeria would disappoint those waiting for its disintegration and would continue as an indivisible entity. He, however, lashed out at the elite for the inability of the country to grow to its full potential. This is one big lie because Nigeria and Nigerians are not one. Everyone knows that expired goods are meant to be disposed of in the waste bin because it's of no use. Some Nigerians have also been speculating that the Deed of Amalgamation of the country in 1914 spelt out that the union would automatically expire after 100years of unholy union and togetherness. This section of Nigerians claims that the amalgamation of the two parts of the country was predicated on terms such as similar to what obtains in the land tenure or Certificate of Occupancy which expires after 100years it is said. The claim and counter-claim prompted Nigerian Tribune to launch a search for the Amalgamation document. The search team got a 1914 Nigeria report compiled by the then Governor-General of the Federation, Lord Lugard and presented to his employers in Britain.
The report further underscored the real reasons for the amalgamation of the North and South of Nigeria, issues of administration, population, the fiscal situation of the two separate protectorates at that time, and much more. Below is an excerpt of the report on the first year of the federation, giving clear details on the political structure, form and administration. The report was entitled, Colonial - Annual No. 878 and presented to houses of Parliament by Commands of His Majesty, April 1916, and published in the Gazette Number 8173-4. The 57-page report reflected a few of the current contentious issues plaguing the nation, as the document included five pages of maps illustrating the fiscal structure, demography, land mass, provincial headquarters, road and rail networks. The report contained five broad sections namely financial position, trade, agriculture and industries, as well as government institutions, military forces and operations. The others included general information under which there subtitles like amalgamation, a policy of the administration, judicial, customs and fiscal frontiers, the war and other events.
The report gave graphic details on a capacity for revenue generation, expenditure, assets and public debt as well as finances of the native administrations under what it termed the financial position of the federation after the amalgamation. The Protectorate, which comprises an area of 334,300 square miles, was now divided into two spheres, each under a Lieutenant-Governor (assisted a separate secretariat) responsible to, and exercising considerable powers on behalf of, the Governor-General. The British government knew verily well that Nigeria is an expired country, thereby determined to keep it one despite the difference between the citizens. Biafrans has sought tirelessly for their freedom in different peace approaches to proving how peaceful and formidable we are. Instead of hearing our cries, we receive death, incarceration, torture and all forms of inhumane, degrading treatments from the Nigeria government. Nigeria is expired goods, and should have no reason to exist anymore.

Emmanuel Precious
Editor Udeagha Obasi
Umuchikwu writers.
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