Gone are the days when people believed in the proverb that state thus "the evil that men do, lives after them". In today's era, the evils that men do lives not only with them but also lives to torment them. During the time of bondage of Israelites in the land of Egypt, under Pharaoh, God made Pharaoh pay for all his sins. When you read the book of Exodus from chapters 11&12, you will understand how Pharaoh paid for his disobedience and for underrating God (Chiukwu-Okike-Abiama). When God has decided to free his people from bondage, he did everything possible to teach the Egyptians the lessons which can never be forgotten on earth. God released the most horrible plagues of earth upon the land of Egypt. The Egyptians were made to suffer for the disobedience of one man called Pharaoh. The same thing is applicable in this present Egypt called Nigeria. Nigeria must suffer for the innocent blood she shared even right from creation. She must suffer for keeping the people of the highest in bondage, for this long. She must suffer for disobeying our God Chiukwu-Okike-Abiama and underrating him. She must suffer for her wickedness and evil seeds which she planted in the minds of men. She must suffer for her deceitfulness and hypocrisy. This name Nigeria has become over soaked with innocent blood.
The evil agenda of this contraption forcefully amalgamated and called Nigeria, is to dominate the world, because they know that they can't achieve it without conquering the children of the Almighty, Chiukwu-Okike-Abiama. From the creation of humanity, we are the first sons of Chiukwu-Okike-Abiama, and Lucifer being in famine form wants to take over that sonship from us. This was why Cain came on earth and killed the only man that calls the name of God Abel. After the death of Abel, God made Cain suffer for his plights. For 130 years, no one knew God until Seth was born. From the days of Seth, man began to call the name of the most high Chiukwu-Okike-Abiama on earth again. The generation of Cain begat evil upon evil, and God called them beautiful and fair. God asked Seth to overlook their beauty for they are of the world. The real sons of God are the blacks, and this is the more reason we face all manner of degrading treatments from the men of the world. The seven churches mentioned in the book of revelation, which Paul wrote letters to, are all located in Turkey. Today, what is the situation in Turkey? In 1914, the Ottomans of Turkey began a propaganda that presented the American Christians as a security threat. In 1915, they retired all Christians from the Turkish army. As soon as the Christians were disarmed, they started killing the Christians. Today, Turkey is 98% Muslim country. This is the same strategy introduced in Nigeria. Last month, more than 90 soldiers were reportedly retired. These military officers are all from Biafra land. If the next step which Buhari has already planned should be taken, then I bet you Nigeria will become an Islamic country. The sole aim of president Muhammadu Buhari is to Islamize the Biafrans, and he has come out with full force to determine that insinuation. Before the arrest of the leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the economic state of Nigeria was once in a good state. But since the arrest of Nwa Chineke mazi Nnamdi Kanu, God has poured out his anger on Pharaoh Buhari.
Despite the warning from the Almighty Chiukwu-Okike-Abiama God to the terrorist and paedophile, this pharaoh has maintained the characteristics of one-time Pharaoh of old. The president of this contraption has fully armed his kinsmen, Fulani Herdsmen, who are parading every nooks and cranny of Biafra land. This is how it has been going on for an extended period. The Fulani herdsmen who are aided by the Nigeria security agencies are now treated to human lives and properties. The Islamization agenda has become active in Nigeria. Christians no longer exercise freedom in practising their religious belief. Christians farmers are now paying fines before their lives could be protected. This was all how it began in Turkey. It is quiet unfortunate that Christians are feeling relaxed while a jihadist like Buhari is planning his way forward to make sure that he wipes out the Biafrans from the surface of the earth. Our so-called men of God are no more concerned about whatever that is happening; rather they are busy longing for wealth and money. The assurance that Buhari and his cohort should take from me is that they shall live to suffer for what they did. The evils they did, must live with them.

Emmanuel Precious
Edited by Udeagha Obasi
UmuChiukwu Writers.
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