Killed by Buhari
Open letter to Marcus Erldere, head: German Ministry of Foreign Affairs and German Government, on the impending genocide against Biafrans.

By Dr. Fred Onyeali
(Elder Statesman, BIG)

I am obliged to write this letter to you Mr. Marcus Erldere, the head: German foreign affairs Ministry; as well as German Government, which is to supply arms, military tanks, weapons of diverse magnitudes and military logistics to Nigeria. You claimed it was to fight “militants in the Niger Delta”. But how well do you believe that your claim?
This deal, which I hope, was to be signed between you (representing the German government) and Nigerian government in the month of June 2016 according to the publication, has not been consummated. I have delayed this letter, till this time, hoping to see a counte
Nigerian murderers called soldiers
r and more pragmatic advice from the German government to Nigerian government in handling the issue of BIAFREXIT, which is the most important issue with Biafrans at the moment. The fact is that Nigeria is not at war with anyone in the so-called Niger Delta, which is in Biafraland. I decided to make this letter an open one for the whole world to see the degree of rage in me and all Biafrans all over the world.
The German government is one of the governments I, and many Biafrans, respect so much for their love for human right, their love for humanity and their immense contribution to world peace. At the same time, I felt disappointed that this same German government will descend so low as to engage in a deal to supply arms and military hardware, as well as logistics to a terrorist state, and “fantastically corrupt” country like Nigeria. Don’t you, Erldere, and your German government know that you are sending Nigerian government to go and kill Biafrans in their Delta Region where there is no war? Meanwhile, you are pretending that you do not know that Nigerian government currently ignores the North-east, base of the world-recognized terrorist group, Boko Haram, which on record that has killed more than 25, 000 people in the last few years.
Germans have fought wars, and they know the consequences of war. Why then should they allow themselves to be used to create wars where there are no wars? At present Germany is accommodating more than one million refugees, who have fled their lands because of wars. German government knows how much it budgets to maintain these refugees which keep flooding Deutschland. How is it that the same Germany that is spending hundreds of millions of Euro on refugees is sending weapons and military logistics to areas where there is no war in order to create one.
Murdered Biafrans in the pool of their blood
After reading through the news, I asked myself, “Does it mean that German government is ignorant of what is going on in Nigeria, and the real reason why many countries of the world have refused to sale weapons to Nigeria. Does it mean that German government does not know that instead of using their arms to fight Boko Haram (which has taken over large swaths of territory in Northern Nigeria and forced the people there to live under Sharia law) Nigerian government has used it to kill unarmed civilians in Biafraland. Does it mean the German government does not know that Nigerian citizens are killed in numbers on daily bases by the current dictatorial government led by Muhammadu Buhari?”
Can the German government say that Biafrans have not cried to them concerning the extra-judicial killings of their people by General Buhari and his henchmen in Nigerian government? Buhari has been going around procuring arms with the lie of fighting Boko Haram, meanwhile it has been reported that he is one of the sponsors of Boko Haram. He has not denied claims that since he assumed power that members of Boko Haram have been recruited into the Nigerian Army and Police with the intention of drafting them to Biafra to kill innocent and unarmed civilians under this guise of war.
Mr. Marcus Erlderer, it is important to let the world, German people, and the entire world know that you are the one representing German government in this bloody deal. I want to tell you that there is no terrorist group in Biafraland, the place you call Niger-delta. The only worldwide known terrorist group in Nigeria is Boko Haram, which has long pledged allegiance to Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). The world knows that Boko Haram is the most dangerous terrorist group in the world. The other terrorist group in Nigeria, which the world has not yet acknowledged, is the Fulani Cattle Herders, which happens to be the fourth most dangerous terrorist group in the world.
I cannot understand a situation where Germany that is presumably a

Buhari soldiers shooting unarmed protesters
Christian Country will support and supply Weapons to Islamic Nigeria against a fellow Christian country – Biafra. Britain did that to us  (Biafrans) between 1967 and 1970 during Biafra war of independence with Nigeria.  Can you see what is happening to Britain today?
Germany has now taken over from Britain, claiming to be a Christian country and yet supporting an Islamic country to perpetrate evil against Christian Biafra. What philosophy supports this German action of supplying weapons to a Muslim religious bigot like Buhari to kill fellow Christians in Biafraland?
I am quitting Christianity to go back to Biafrans’ original religion where God was near to his people. See what happened in France few days ago where about 84 lives where snuffed out because of this incomprehensible political philosophy of a country opening its doors to those that will kill its citizens, and closing its doors against those that will work to keep them alive.
The Niger Delta Avengers, whom you are supplying arms to Buhari to go and fight, are just freedom fighters, who are struggling to reclaim their land – Biafraland – which the British forcefully handed over to the Islamic republic of Nigeria. Since that handing over, Britain has used its stooges in Nigeria – military generals and Fulani politicians of the Northern Islamic republic – to forcefully steal Biafrans’ God-given riches to share among themselves
Since that Nigerian war of genocide against Biafra, which the British government and its allies fought between 1967 to 70, and in which about 5.5million Biafrans were killed, Biafrans have been crying but the whole world have chosen to be deaf and dumb because of the stolen oil from Biafraland, that Nigeria uses to bribe them.
Niger Delta: The raped and neglected land
Mr. Erlderer you are from Passau in Bayern, if the resources generated in Passau are used to maintain those in Freising, while your Passau is neglected, what would you do? Will you accept it if the rich Bayerish wealth is taken to Hamburg while the people of Bayerish suffer untold hardship as a result?
My friend Erlderer, I am writing to bring to your knowledge and that of the German government, the few things I believe you know about Nigeria, but are pretending not to know:
(1) The riverine part of Biafraland which you call Niger-delta has been totally destroyed by the activities of oil companies in the exploration and production of Petroleum products without any corresponding action to clean up the environment.
A part of Abuja built with stolen resources from Biafraland

(2) That part of the world does not belong to Nigeria, so what Nigerian rulers like Olusegun Obasanjo and Muhammadu Buhari has been doing is rape its resources without minding what happened to the people who live there and own the land. That was why Obasanjo especially did not see anything wrong in giving out part of that land, called Bakassi, to Cameroun because Cameroonian government helped Nigeria to subdue Biafra during that 1967-70 war
(3)The proceeds of the oil from Biafraland are only used to maintain the North and the West of the so-called Nigeria while Biafraland, which is the chicken that lays the egg, which is Biafra, is hungry, poor and uncared for. Every time the people complained of neglect, they are shouted down and killed by Nigerian Police and Army.
Another part of Abuja
Mr. Erlderer,  are you happy to hear that the Communities where the oil feeding Nigeria, Britain and other countries of the world is from, have no electricity; good drinking water; no hospitals, clinics or schools; and that even roads – except the ones that lead to oil cities – are not good?
Niger Delta: destroyed and abandoned; means of livelihood gone
These People, by virtue of the presence of Rivers and Creeks, have fishing and Agriculture as their traditional native profession. But today, those rivers and Creeks have been covered and polluted by oil, their land destroyed, and they can no longer farm. They can longer fish, and they are living in abject poverty. Many of them have no good houses to live in; instead they live in thatched and mud structures, not even conducive for animal habitation, not to talk of human beings. The people are constantly challenged by health hazards in their waterlogged environments. But the Nigerian government and its officials do not care. Is it not the same oil we have that Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE and other oil-producing countries have? Why is our own different?
Now the youths of the area, haven waited for more than four decades without Nigeria and their British governments, doing anything to positively touch their lives have risen. The people have opted to destroy every oil installation in their land since it had become a curse and not a blessing. It is these same people that Buhari and his evil Nigerian government is amassing weapons of war to go and annihilate, by branding them as terrorists.
The youths in Niger-delta know that the sham called one-Nigeria only exists because there is oil to steal from their land. They equally know that without the proceeds of oil from their land, every region that make up evil Nigeria will go its own way. Those youths are not criminals; they are not terrorists; they are freedom fighters.
Mr. Erlderer, Marcus it is true that Germany contributed little or nothing in the 1967-70 genocidal war against Biafrans, which was spear-headed by the British, Russia, and Yugoslavia; together with Egypt and other Islamic countries of the world. Now, they want to initiate a second genocide by supplying weapons and military logistics to Nigeria to kill the Biafrans by branding them as terrorists.
I want to remind you Mr. Erlderer, and the German Government that in Germany today there is thousands of Asylum Camps housing hundreds of thousands of Asylum seekers as a result of such supplies you are making in the Arab world. Germany is now host to Arabs because you supplied weapons to them to kill themselves, and today refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, and the whole Arab world are taking over Germany, you can then imagine what it would be like when refugees from Biafraland start flooding Germany and other European countries as a result of your military supplies to Nigeria.
May I also remind you that in Germany you have the Nazi and the Skin Head who go about killing people especially foreigners because they feel the foreigners are surviving through their wealth, how many times have you launched a military offensive against them. The Nazi and the Skinhead are terrorist groups who hate to see foreigners, and so kill them at any given chance. You had these groups even before the First World War and they are still in Germany till today, you have not wiped them out with your weapons. So why must a people, who are fighting for a just cause, struggling to gain independence from pernicious and oppressive neighbours be wiped out?
I can observe gross hypocrisy in the manner the Western World deals with issues concerning Africa. Scotland requested for Independent from Britain, the whole Europe backed them and they were given opportunity to have a referendum; nobody was jailed or killed. Catalonians are also agitating for freedom from Spain. The Spanish military have never attacked them or killed any of them, and their leaders move freely without harassment. But when any African nation requests same, Europeans will supply Arms to foolish African leaders to kill them.
Mr. Erlderer, remember that Britain was given an opportunity to vote for or against their continued membership of European Union (EU), and today Britain is out of EU. Why did the leaders of EU not attack Britain and force them to remain in EU? Mr. Erlderer, you and your government pretend to love African Immigrants but you hate them to the core. You and your government masterminded the death of African youths in the deserts and Mediterranean Sea. You make merry when you hear that immigrant boat have capsized killing 600-800 African immigrants. Why do you hate Africans so much?
I want to inform you, Mr.  Erlderer and German government, that Biafrans want to be free from Nigeria, the country that has failed after its 100 years of miserable existence. You should rather support the use of Referendum, as you did in the case of Scotland, and not send weapons to Nigeria to annihilate Biafrans. Stop this hypocrisy you have been showing to Africans for the sake of humanity. You purchase the best BMW and Mercedes Cars for your youths to drive and build good schools for them, but then send machine, bullets and tanks to wicked African dictators like Buhari to kill their own youths. This is evil and wicked.
Mr. Erlderer, you have the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) in Germany and in other 98 Countries of the world, you registered and gave them Police protection anytime they protest. They have protested at the seat of Power in Berlin even before the German Parliament; they have protested and handed protest letters to your government at different occasions; and you know they are peaceful people. The killing of unarmed Biafrans have been shown to you and your government, but you have ignored all only to turn around and sign an arms deal that will help Buhari to kill more innocent and unarmed Biafrans.
Let me continue to remind you Mr. Marcus and German government, that the people you want Buhari to kill with your weapons are Biafrans. We are not terrorists; the people of the Niger-delta are my brothers, Sisters, fathers, mothers, uncles and aunts. What we are all asking for is freedom that we are left alone in our land. We are not in anyone’s land but our own land. We are demanding to be free from Nigeria just as Scotland demanded to be free from United Kingdom (UK) and was granted Referendum.
Biafrans are not terrorists we have never been and we don't intend to be, check the world record of terrorists if you can see a Biafran name there. The People you call terrorists have not wasted a soul in the struggle till today all we Biafrans want is to destroy the whole oil installations which has never benefited us in any way, but only brought us death.
Lagos in Western Nigeria: Built with oil money
So Mr.  Erlderer, I want to end this letter by advising that both you and your government should have a rethink and remove yourself from this wicked and ungodly enterprise which is likely going to bring the worst immigration problem to Germany. If you go ahead with it, Germany will in many ways feel the pain because no one kills Biafrans and go unpunished. I am sure you know that Germany is not yet free from the case of the death of 6 Million Jews, which they are still paying the bill up till today. Don’t let your name be associated with such enterprise again; do not allow such a thing to happen again for the sake of human life.
I do believe you cannot afford to put the life of your people in danger, thinking that it is legitimate to produce weapons in Germany and sending them to Buhari to kill Biafrans. It would also be legitimate for Biafrans to produce their own weapons and send them to Germany and do the same thing. You make Laws to protect the life of fishes in your Rivers and the animals in your bushes, you gave order that no one should touch them but you design weapons and ship and send them to Biafraland to kill your fellow human beings. It is time to bring Western hypocrisy against Africa to an end
NDA are freedom-fighters; fighting for independence

If you think I will keep quiet while you bring weapons to kill my people you must be far from the truth and I will stop at nothing in exposing Germany to the outside World in their bloody deal with Nigeria government against Biafrans.
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