There was a Biafra before 1967 which lost its sovereignty to colonial powers. “ Early modern maps of Africa from the 15th-19th centuries, drawn by European cartographers from accounts written by explorers and travellers, reveal that the original word used by the European travellers was not Biafra but Biafara, Biafar and sometimes also Biafares.” Now let me correct one impression about the meaning of Biafra as some believed it is a name given by Portuguese explorers. Biafara people are already known and addressed as Biafara people before they came in contact with the first European merchants. The word Biafra has its generics from “Ephraim” as pointed out by Martin Simon Ukegbe (a religious activist who suggested that the new Republic of Biafra of 1967 be called the Christian Democratic Republic of B”Ephrayim) the B there signifies the bay or bight so the word Biafara or Biafar has its root from B”Ephraim but the Europeans at that time called it Biafar-Biafara or Biafares.
Researchers hold the view that descendants of Ephraim inhabit the region. Mitchell map of 1839 stated that the important estuaries from where the rivers flow into the ocean are called Ephraim town which is located 60 miles from River Nun which is in the south-south Nigeria today. The river is named after Nun, the father of Joshua of the tribe of Ephraim. The Biblical meaning of the name “EPHRAIM” is “God has made me fruitful in the land of my affliction”. The question now is who are the most afflicted, deprived and mostly killed in the contraption called Nigeria “Biafra people” who are the most fruitful, blessed by nature and skills within the contraption called Nigeria “Biafra people” before 1967-1970 genocide war against Biafran people they have been killed in their thousands by the Northerners and Westerners 1966, during the war, all the public facilities were destroyed, that includes Schools, Hospitals, Markets, Power plants, Churches, Post offices, Biafra land (south-east Nigeria and some part of South-south) where desolate with no life-sustaining amenities, after the war in1970, Awolowo the finance minister gave £20 to every Biafra no matter the amount you have in your bank account, and declared all their properties outside Igbo land abandoned property, including Port Harcourt where Ikwere Igbos denied their Igbo identity with the intention of annihilating and breaking the spirit of Igbo to make them perpetual beggars and people of no hope for the future.
The rest are history today which you can confirm for yourself. Today an average Igbo man that has his Igbo identity are far much better than every other Nigeria from all perspective, you can disprove that if you think otherwise. Biafran Ethnic Nationalities: Ibos (Igbo speaking Biafrans), Ijaws (speaking Kalabari, Edoid, Izon language etc) others includes: Ibibio-Efiks and Ogojas and this Great Nation were coexisting thousands of years ago as Biafra people many centuries before losing her sovereignty to colonial powers before being balkanized into various countries like Guanine Bissau, Kamerun, etc., the Archaeological evidence and African Ancient map stands as a proof that Biafra people are a nation and are Aboriginal Origin and meaning of Igbo/Ibo as a language and people: (this part is written in Ibo-Biafra perspective, and all other Biafra Ethnic Nations shared same experience and linkage with their Ibo Brother. Many Biafrans especially those from the so-called South-East has bought the idea that our agitation is because of oil and gas. But today, I want to prove them totally wrong. Biafran agitation has nothing to do with HYDROCARBON/CRUDE OIL deposits in Niger Delta. Imo, Abia, Anambra are currently oil producing states in Nigeria with vast natural gas reserves, not forgetting the enormous untapped coal deposits in Enugu! Biafra is not land-locked. Biafra has numerous access to the sea, including through the River Niger. Biafra entire population is about 70 million people who are greater than the population many advanced countries in Western Europe, including Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Holland, Austria....etc Biafra does not or in any form signify war, violence, armed struggle or any physical confrontation. BIAFRA IS NOT WAR! It only means political, economic and socio-cultural freedom from a feudalist State ruled by terrorists and Jihadists.
Biafra is not a call for the massive exodus to Igbo land. Put differently, every Igbo or Biafran must not live in Biafra land. Those who wish could still maintain their residency wherever they are as well as own properties anywhere in the world, including Lagos, Abuja, Kaduna, Kano, Abeokuta…etc. Independent and sovereign Biafra will never translate to loss or forfeiture of landed properties of her citizens in Lagos, Abuja or anywhere in Nigeria. There are many domestic and international treaties, conventions and laws that protect Assets of Non- citizens everywhere in the World, that will apply appropriately. The NEW BIAFRA shall be a coalition of desirous and willing ethnic nationalities in defunct Eastern Nigeria and would never be a forceful annexation of any unwilling ethnic nationality within its current geo- political definition. Ijaws, Ogonis, Ibibio, Anangs, Efiks, Ogojas, and host of other ethnic minorities shall possess the privilege to decide whether to tango politically with their Igbo brethren or go their separate ways. ( Biafra is a train of peace and liberty. A desire for liberation from institutionalised stumbling blocks like quota system and federal character principles in Nigeria’s quasi-unitary society. It is a movement against internal colonialism, tribal gang-ups, economic marginalisation and political subjugation of Igbo and her minority neighbours. It has nothing to do with hate, bigotry or ethnic chauvinism. Just a desire to live in a healthy society where your tribe, tongue, religion or creed does not define who you are or how far you would go in your career!

Emmanuel Precious
Edited by Udeagha Obasi
UmuChiukwu Writers.
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