By Tim Tochukwu
For Biafra Choice Writers

In recent weeks, power blackout has been the concern of many Ghanaians. But Ghana President, John Mahama came out on Wednesday, July 6, to explain what was going on in the West African country. He attributed it to lack of petroleum product supplies from the dying country called Nigeria.
His explanation was that sabotage of oil terminals in Nigeria occasioned delay in the supply of crude oil to his country, and that the ones ordered last month (June) had not been supplied to Ghana, which was responsible for power outages in many parts of the country. “Because of sabotage in Nigeria on the terminals, crude oil that we ordered last month has not arrived; and so, it has created some generational problem for us.”
Methinks that the time has come when African leaders should begin to look at issues in the continent, especially as it concerns Biafrans, with the rightness of actions of their colleagues. There is no reason why the Ghana President should regurgitate words and ideas from dubious Nigeria that run contrary to international law and rights of individuals and indigenous peoples.
Particularly on the issues of indigenous people of Biafra, or Niger Delta as many would like to see it, Mahama should get his facts right and stop using dubious words and terms that emanate from Nigeria’s pernicious ruling houses, which paper over the real issues. He should look at the issue with the eye of an educated and civilised African and stop peeping through the prism of such illiterates as Muhammadu Buhari, Nigerian Presidne and Obasanjo, the malevolent voodoo master.
Nigeria Delta Avengers (NDA) is not sabotaging our oil terminals. They are freedom fighters who are fighting to free their land and people from internal colonisers. They are only saying to some criminal and pernicious neighbors to leave (who are masquerading under what they call one-Nigeria) steal their resources and enslave them in their land.
If Britain had the right to do so with neighbours who were not even pernicious criminals like Nigeria and its government functionaries, why not Biafrans, who had for more than 100 years been raped by criminal and pernicious neigbours? We are talking of neighbours who are so wicked and virulent that more than 6 million Biafrans have been butchered by them in the last 100 years in their quest to steal Biafran resources. They will go no further.
Most of all, Mahama should make contact with owners of the petroleum resources that his country is using to generate its power. The resources belong to Biafrans, not to Fulanis of Northern Nigeria, or Yorubas of western Nigeria. Those are people are criminals that have deployed the dubious Nigerian system to ravage and steal Biafraland dry.

The owners have come to take what rightly belongs to them. They are not sabotaging anything. Instead, they are preventing criminals and bloodsuckers from laying their filthy hands on their resources. Ghana and all other African countries, and peoples of the world are free to enjoy the God-given resources of Biafraland, but they must do so legitimately. They must meet the owners of the resources. The owners are Ibibios, Ijaws, Ibo, Efik, Urhobo, and several other Biafran peoples; anyone who wants the resources in their lands must strike agreements with them. simple!  
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