Nigerian soldiers: specialists at killing innocent civilians
By Tim Tochukwu
For Biafra Choice Writers

A prominent Biafran medical doctor has called on the German government to hasten and cancel an arms deal it had with Nigeria for the sake of humanity. Fred Onyeali, an Elder statesman in the Biafran struggle, made the call in an open letter he wrote to German government and Mr. Marcus Erldere, who is head; German Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Onyeali said the deal to sell “Arms, Military Tanks, and other military weaponry of diverse magnitude; as well as logistics to Nigeria”, was inhuman and urged the German government to distance itself from it. He said the arms would only be used to murder innocent and unarmed Biafrans, whose only offence was that they were born into a blessed land.
Parts of his words read: “I want to inform you, Mr.  Erlderer and German government, that Biafrans want to be free from Nigeria, the abominable country which has failed its citizens after 100 years of its miserable existence.”
He accused the Germans of hypocrisy of selling guns to Africans to resolve their conflicts rather than urging them to use peaceful means as it is done in Europe. “You should rather support the use of Referendum, as you did in the case of Scotland, and not send weapons to Nigeria to annihilate Biafrans. Stop this hypocrisy you have been showing to Africans for the sake of humanity” he said.
Biafrans killed by Buhari's men

Writing further, Onyeali said it would be wrong for the Germans, which made law to protect animals and plants in their land to send arms to the murderous Nigerian government to use in killing Biafrans in their land. He then expressed his difficulty to understand what he called the “incomprehensible philosophy of a country opening its doors to those that will kill its citizens, and closing it against those that will work to keep them safe”.
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