The BREXIT  referendum is scheduled to hold on Thursday, June 23, 2016.
The United Kingdom will have a referendum to either remain in the EU or leave the union, which has been tagged "Brexit",  popular British figures has called for support  to vote "leave"  saying the EU project has failed and cannot guarantee security or economic progress for the British citizens, the Brexit in/out referendum is scheduled to take place on Thursday, June 23, 2016.

Many have said if the UK vote to leave the EU the British economy may suffer a heavy blow, The prime minister David Cameron expresses concern saying "Germany may have to drop us out of the single EU market if we vote to leave",  the US president Barack Obama earlier said the UK will be behind the queue if they vote to leave, popular leave campaigners like George Osborne has said the EU is a failed project and the British people have to make decisions by themselves citing the EU policy is not favorable for the Brits and the sole reason why the youths are losing jobs to foreigners, therefore, the public opinion of stay or leave the EU has been subjected to a general referendum on Thursday.

he said "We will have control over our own borders and let in who we want to be let in, and if the people does not like how the government's immigration policy works then it can be sorted out, he went further to say " Leaving the EU does not mean leaving Europe"  a vote for Brexit come next Thursday, will not change our geography"

Meanwhile, In Africa, Nigeria precisely, there has been peaceful protests that turned bloody and calls for a secession from the illegal union which was initially entered into by force of the British empire, "Nigeria" was created in 1914 and it consists of three indigenous nations, Arewa (North), Oduduwa(West) and Biafra (South), after the 1966 massacre of the Biafran population , Odumegwu Ojukwu the then military governor of the eastern region declared a republic and opted out of the union after persecution and massacre by the Northerners, which was then followed by a three year deadly civil war between  Biafra and Nigeria that saw over 5 million people dead. later the war ended in 1970 and was declared "No victor, No vanquish". Biafra republic was again reintegrated into Nigeria.

Today, there have been rising calls for another secession and this time with heavy support than ever, but Biafrans are blatantly being denied freedom and self-determination for certain economic reasons  and this has led to a major uprising in the southern part of Nigeria which has seen series of crude oil facilities and pipelines being destroyed by the freedom fighters from the region called the "Niger Delta Avengers".

Despite the fact that Britain who have been enjoying every opportunity the EU has offered including the open single European market, Free Trade Area (FTA) and other economic benefits are still calling to leave the EU, unlike the Biafrans that have been economically marginalized, killed, persecuted and politically disenfranchised by the murderous Northern Hausa-Fulani and Yoruba politicians, Today Biafrans are being killed on a daily basis  by the Nigerian military and organs stolen away by their killers.

The question is if Britain is opting to leave the EU that they solely entered into by a solidly concluded and signed agreement and now throwing out a referendum for the people to decide, why can't  Biafrans be given the same opportunity to decide whether they want to remain in Nigeria or not? Why does Britain have to decide for Africans?  What is good for the goose should also be good for the gander.

If Britain has the right to self-determination and decides to leave a legal union they bilaterally entered so they can be able to decide for themselves and control their resources, borders, and economy why can't Biafra do the same? Biafrans reserves the right to leave the illegal union called "Nigeria" to have political freedom, to have  control over their resources and improve their economy via local and international trade through self-determination.

Written by Uchechi Collins
For IPOB writers
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