Former EFCC boss Lamorde was said to be on the run after diverting over N1trillion of EFCC money.

The truth is that the money was diverted for Buhari's election campaign and that is the reason why he has remained untouched till date.
Just when we had almost forgotten about the money he diverted from EFCC, he now came back from the moon to tell us that AISHA BUHARI is not the president's wife.

At the moment, GEJ has the whole file and it is part of the reason why GEJ has not been touched till date.

According to EFCC, the EFCC boss, Mr. Ibrahim Magu said that no document has been traced to Jonathan giving any approval for the disbursement of the money for any purpose other than arms purchase.
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However, that's a big lie. Jonathan has the full file of the Haliburton case.

Remember the N135 Million NGN donation by Aisha to IDP in Yola during the election?
The 10 million naira expensive watch that she was once wearing when her husband was sworn in?

Have you ever asked yourself where she got that money since her husband Buhari at the time claimed that he cannot afford money for the nomination form?

Well, I guess a lot of people were very gullible to ask questions.
I have seen the well-photoshopped Passport being paraded as the real Aisha's involvement in the Halliburton bribe scandal, I never knew that one can wear head-ties to take passport photos, they carefully carved out the passport numbers so that they cannot be traced to another person.

Why release a passport immediately whereas you are using 15 SAN to fight your certificate forgery.
Have you read her tweet where she called Fayose a mad dog?.
see tweets below

The TRUTH they say is the only thing that deeply hurts, she is indeed in pain, For her to react this way publicly abusing a sitting governor means she's really upset, and that gives good credibility, far beyond all the evidence so far, to the authenticity of the accusations.
Otherwise, she should prove Fayose wrong by visiting the USA. She has deliberately refused to visit the USA ever since the trials on the Halliburton bribe scandal begun.

Written by Ken Pat
Published by Uchechi Collins
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