By Donald Ekpo

It is rather unfortunate that Nigeria and Nigerians have found themselves in a dire situation where they are being led by a family that is full of deception, while pretending to be one with integrity. What a home.

If the husband is not lying about how they are borrowing N27m to buy nomination forms when the wife is donating N300m to charity, the daughter is living a flashy lifestyle in the UK. If the husband is not lying that he is worth only 150 cows and a house in Kaduna, the wife is wearing a N10m wristwatch that she claimed was a gift. If the husband is not lying that he completed his secondary school certificate, while hiring 21 lawyers to appear in court on his behalf when asked to provide same, the wife is claiming it is another Aisha Buhari that was an accomplice in a $170m money lundering. How do we cope with such a family as a Nigerian first family?

The level of dumbness and urgent response to defend their lies is another subject of concern. When the husband is not asking for the school to quickly release a fake WACE certificate in 2015 with a 73 year old man's picture as that which was obtained in 1962, the wife is generating a fake passport issued in 2012 to replace that of an Aisha Buhari that was involved in money laundaring in 2006.

The level at which their folly is expressed in an attempt to fool Nigerians is legendary. To think that the International Passport of a pseudo Aisha Buhari appeared online 4 hours ago today only after the court judgement indicting the wife was made public is marvelous. In their little deceptive brains, they have ones again successfully decieved Nigerians.

Yet unfortunately, these are the bunch of unintelligent criminals we have to deal with for another 3 years as the Nigerian first family. Nothing, not even one thing has appears intelligent or straightforward from this people. And interstingly, we have a conglomerate of clowns online that actually believe in them. What a world...

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