Biafrans protesting
Onyema Uche
for Biafra Choice Writers

I used to think that when one complains about some injustice done to him or her, that the person is actually seeking help or redress. I thought that when a tribe or ethnic group is shouting out loud, complaining and crying for policies or actions unjustly targeted at them, that they are seeking ways to address the issue. I thought that is the reason we use the the media and the social media. Right now, l am beginning to think that I was wrong.
Each time I open my facebook or sign in to any forum, all I see are lamentations and gory posts of how Nigeria agencies are killing the Igbos (Biafrans). The army can wake up any day and decide to go for hunting and their prey would be either jubilating children on the streets, or praying youths in a school or in a church, or peaceful protesters in the streets. All are Igbos (Biafrans).
The herdsmen come to our land to kill and rape at ease and disappear. There is nothing done to apprehend and punish them. Finally you discover that all these killings have the approval of the President of Northern Nigeria, Buhari. In response to all these, our people turned themselves to self-made journalists. I can understand that, since the central government has bought over the consciences of the print media houses in Nigeria. We face massacre every day, yet are blocked from getting accurate report of the gory details. Yes I understand.
One thing I cannot understand is why every Igbo (Biafra) person wants to own the page or the forum. Why is everyone shouting to be heard alone? In my view that suffer and are massacred should come together to find ways of defending themselves. Our case is the opposite. No one wants to come together. Most forums are only interested in visiting motherless babies’ homes, visit the sick and take glamorous pictures for facebook display.
I cannot understand why all Igbo (Biafra) online forums cannot come together through their admin and decide how to respond to all the killings. It is high time we stopped this lone voice crying itself hoax. It is time for us to come together and decide on what to do. It is better we fight together and survive than allow ourselves be destroyed like this.

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