From the first day the British government remembered Biafrans, Arewans and Oduuans, we Biafrans have become the meat in the hands of the earth. Death has become our second name, only because we were blessed people of God Chukwu-Okike-Abiama as we call him in Biafran language. The evil Britain were the first people that slew Biafrans like animals because they refused to be subjugated and enslaved. They succeeded later on after many killings, to forcefully amalgamate these three different nations because of their selfish interest on our natural resources regardless of how these various countries could have coped with each other.

Despite their selfish thought, deep inside them, they knew that such intermarriage would not in any way work out. Just to appear conscious free, a document to last only hundred years was issued, meaning that after hundred years, if this forceful marriage couldn't work out, there should be separation.
This is a hundred and three years now, the British government has become lost in the natural resources and yet has refused to divide this non-working marriage, even when they know that it's not working.

Since the creation of Nigeria, Biafrans has always been preyed in the hands of Hausa-Fulani neighbours, because we do not believe in killing and spilling of human blood. They have subjugated us to all manner of inhumane treatment. They enriched themselves out of our misery with our wealth. They took us as slaves and infidels. But yet, I believed that the UN, EU, AU and other international organisations are aware of these atrocities. Here come the questions;

For how long shall the blood of Biafrans flow?
How much blood do you desire to see before rescuing this nation- Biafra?

Over sixty years ago, they began the killing of innocent Biafrans in thousands and millions which sprang up the Nigeria-Biafra genocidal war claiming millions of lives including men, women and innocent children. Today the same act is repeating itself gradually, and the world is still ignoring these evil acts. Thanks to God Almighty that some groups of individuals have started reminding the world of things to do. And am convinced that the world will rise to their expectations this time around.

Emmanuel Precious
Edited by Udeagha Obasi
UmuChiukwu writers

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