One of the scores murdered
By Tim Tochukwu and Xylem Chukwubatista
For Biafra Choice Writers

30th May, Biafra Fallen Heroes Remembrance Day 2016, went bloody as Biafrans who participated in the rally became victims of mayhem, genocide, mass killing, destruction of properties, and abuse of fundamental human rights. These were perpetrated by Nigerian military and the Police.
It started at night, on the eve of May 30, when Biafrans at Edmund Catholic Church, Nkpor, were praying, sleeping and preparing for the planned peaceful rally of the dawning day. They were attacked by the Military and Police, killing about five people. These were Biafrans who had not broken any law, but going about their normal lawful duties.
We will not forget.

As if that was not enough, a combined team of the military and Police descended on Biafrans who were still gathering for the rally, and started shooting at them with live bullets, hoping to frighten them away from the rally. Nothing less than 53 people were killed on that day, and more than 120 injured. But Biafrans undaunted still went ahead to hold the rally and honour their dead.
This shedding of innocent Biafran blood, we must not forget.
Then, there was Anambra State Governor, Willie Obiano, the quisling and stooge of Fulani, who supplied over 16 Toyota Hilux vans to the rampaging Nigeria Military and Police. He went on to okay the command by Muhammadu Buhari, the dying vampire, for his kinsmen to be murdered.
This also, we must not forget.
Next is Muhammadu Buhari, the pedophile, ultra corrupt and insensitive Nigeria helmsman who commanded the Armed Forces and the Police to unleashed mayhem on innocent Biafrans who did not but fly Biafran flag singing praises in honour of their dead heroes and heroines.
We will not forget.  
Biafrans already know that bodies of their brothers and sisters killed during the atrocious attack were taken and dumped at 304 Army Cantonment from where they disposed-off their bodies so that nobody would be able to trace them. Biafrans also know that mortuaries were invaded by the Nigerian Army and Biafran bodies picked up to be disposed, hoping that they would not be traced.
Somebodies was in charge of all that took place, and Biafrans will never forget.
On May 31, 2016, a press statement was released by the Anambra state government, which condemned the Biafra Heroes Remembrance Day rally in the Anambra state, claiming that the Biafran people no longer have the right to freely assembly, share ideas, and move around. Tony Nnacheta, as commissioner of information and communication signed the release. This was part of Nnacheta’s words: "the attention of the Anambra state government has been drawn to the illegal demonstration by a group of individual causing anxiety at the Nkpor/Onitsha axis of the state. The law enforcement agencies are fully engaged on the situation and are currently working to restore normalcy and free movement for law abiding citizens.” His definition of restoring normalcy is the killing of innocent and defenseless Biafrans.
This also we will not forget.
Nnacheta made that release in spite of the fact that serious communication existed between the Directorate of IPOB in Spain, which fully notified the Police chief in the state of Biafrans’ desire to maintain a peaceful rally in remembrance of their fallen heroes.
The last letter from Biafran Directorate in Spain to the state police commissioner read: “Dear Sir, To the above matter referred. As a follow up to our telephone conversation, the Indigenous People of Biafra hereby officially inform the Commissioner of Police Anambra State that a remembrance rally for the victims of the Biafran genocide will hold on the 30th of May 2016 in Anambra state. The rally seeks to remember, recognize the sacrifices made and honor those past and present that laid down their lives for the collective good of Biafrans.
“The Directorate of State of the Indigenous People of Biafra desirous of holding a hitch free May 30th Biafran Heroes Remembrance day as was the case in Enugu State in 2014 and Abia state in 2015, is confident that Anambra state police command will provide the enabling environment for a peaceful May 30th 2016 Remembrance Rally.”
This is further reason why we must not forget.
Notwithstanding all that transpired between the Police chief in Anambra
Arase, the lying Police chief
State and the Biafran Directorate in Spain, Inspector General of Police (IGP) Soloman Arase made a release also on May 31, claiming that it was Biafrans that committed murder by killing Police and military men. He said the Biafrans should be charged for murder – nothing but intimidation. Nigerian Army, rather than fishing out its personnel that  killed unarmed and peaceful Biafrans for punishment, followed the lying route claiming that its men killed Biafrans in self-defence.
That as well Biafrans must not forget.
Yoruba media and all Nigerian media owners, having been bribed by Buhari, gave lies and half-truths as what really transpired. Many of them went on to twist the stories to suit the vampire Buhari for the continuation of their blood-sucking country called Nigeria.
These, we must never forget.
Bribed media owners with Buhari the butcher

Indeed, Biafrans and lovers of freedom for Biafra, must not forget that amongst us lie the worst kind of traitors, back-stabbers, saboteurs, and quisling. They are Biafrans who claim to love one-Nigeria more than their people. Biafrans must note them and keep the record of them because it is necessary that we do not forget their works as well.
Biafrans will never forget

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