Obi: Northerners' wife
By Johnson Nnadozie
For Biafra Choice Writers

Peter Obi’s dance of shame at Nike Lake Resort in Enugu recently, provided a good reason for Biafrans to tell him once again that they have not forgotten his numerous atrocities them just to appease his Fulani masters. In a recent survey by Biafra Choice Writers, a large number of Biafrans promised him that in the nearest future, they must answer him for all his evils against them, which includes killing them and stealing their resources.
Many of those who hold this view claimed to remember vividly how Peter Obi’s sexual perversities were exposed by Nnamdi Kanu, Leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) in his broadcasts at Radio Biafra. Kanu never wasted time exposing how Peter Obi’s backside was constantly ravaged by Northern Moslem men, who exchanged him like a hopeless whore. Biafrans claimed they were aware that it was such exposure that made Peter Obi and others like Rochas Okorocha of Imo State, to hate Kanu with passion.
For them therefore, it was not a surprise that Obi would go to Nike Hotel in Enugu and tell Igbo Biafrans that Kanu should be allowed to rot in jail. He had described Kanu as a subject for psychiatric clinic, who was on a mirage mission. He also called him a rebel who secretly came into Nigeria simple to destroy Buhari’s government.
But for Biafrans, they did not express any sympathy for Obi, for according to them, Kanu was reacting to all the atrocities Obi had committed against his own people in his bid to get rich quick. They remember vividly how more than nine years ago, when Peter Obi became governor of Anambra State, how he ordered Nigerian Police and Army to kill Biafran youths who were peacefully demonstrating in Onitsha.
This incident started in 2006 after Obi was rigged out in the election of 2003 and Nwabueze Ngige was declared governor. At that time, Ngige was still a true and decent Biafran who refused to allow satanic Olusegun Obasanjo to send Police and Soldiers to kill the protesting Biafran youths.
Obi went to Obasanjo and accepted to play the quisling. Obasanjo obliged him. Then, in less than six months after being declared as governor, he declared a shoot-at-sight order, which led to the death of hundreds youths massacred by the police.
As if that was not enough, Obi ordered the soldiers and the police to go from house to house; searching out youths with Biafra artifacts – currency, flags, or books – in their homes, arresting them and secretly killing them. Many of those killed were buried in mass graves or dumped in Ezu River as well as River Niger.

Two years after this, Peter Obi also ordered the police murder of Igbo Biafran youths who gathered at Nnewi to strategize on how to save Igbo language from extinction. Stories have been going around that Peter Obi always delighted in shedding Igbo Biafra blood because he uses it for his money-making rituals.
the above reasons, and more, are reasons why many Biafrans insist that they would deal with Peter Obi at the appropriate time.
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