I can't find the words to classify your deceitful speeches against the moral leader of The Indigenous People Of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and the entire Biafrans regarding the grazing bill. Well, I am not surprised that we still have Judas Iscariot like you because, we have dealt with your likes, if you care to know, go and ask Ejike Mbaka, Rochas Okorocha Willie Obiano and host of other vagabonds like you. But the entire Biafra land and her inhabitants are shocked to hear your speeches lately. I have never thought of insulting such your personality of your kind, but we must call a spade a spade. Due to your betrayal to the entire people of Biafrans, you have shown us that you are not a full Biafran man in all ramifications. If you don't mind, the best option for you is to go and conduct a proper DNA test so as to be ascertained of who you are. The blood of Hausa-Fulani might have missed up with yours, who knows, for they don't hide their identity since it is unusual for any Biafran man to vomit those ultra quilted speeches of yours at Enugu. If I were you, I would learn a lesson from those dramas that occurred, and also read the handwriting on the wall. The paedophile Muhammadu Buhari has finally initiated you, only for you to come and disgrace yourself with impunity. I might not tell much about you, because I don't care if an entity like you ever exists, but I can stand boldly to tell you things which you don't, and would never know about Biafra and Nnamdi Kanu. It's true that you referred to him as a rebel because he has finally exposed your atrocious work, your lies and your evil being to the whole world. But IPOB challenges you to come out and mention just one thing he said that is not true. If you can do that, only then will I know that truly he is a rebel. But since I am aware that there have never been any of his works that were false, I stand boldly to tell you that you are not only a rebel but an old fool. You aren't ashamed of this contraption you claim to be a country, where intruders and corrupt entities like you walk freely on the street with impunity, while the innocents route in various prisons. If I may ask, what does Nigeria have to be proud of? If this contraption is a country like you claim, why do you visit London hospitals? Why do you send your kids to abroad schools? Why do you go shopping at Dubai since you have a country?
Nnamdi Kanu is here to emancipate his people from slavery, to speak against the marginalisation of his people, to break down the covering cast of lies on the face of his people, then you called him a rebel. Well, I will advise you visit the nearest psychiatrist hospital for proper checks because a normal human being will not as such. I think you are mentally disordered for Even thinking like that in the first place. You are campaigning for a grazing bill because the stolen oil money you have will be enough to transfer your family to abroad if only they are in this contraption when the Hausa-Fulani decides to attack us again. When they wrote a letter to launch an attack on the people of Enugu what did you do to stop them? Behold they came and killed to their satisfaction, and because none of your relatives were killed, you still have the guts to campaign for them. You need to examine your medulla oblongata because you are going nuts. For your information should anything happen to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, well I don't need to remind you that he commands millions even at death point? This world will hear from us at certainty if you and your cohorts dare to hurt him. If being truthful is an act of rebel, Biafrans are ready to be called the rebels. So stay off our dealings because it will only lead to your untimely death, it's not a treat because we have ChukwuOkikeAbiama.

Emmanuel Precious
Edited Udeagha Obasi
UmuChiukwu Writers.
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